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    SubjectRe: Avoiding external fragmentation with a placement policy Version 12
    Herbert Xu wrote:
    > Nick Piggin <> wrote:
    >>network code. If the latter, that would suggest at least in theory
    >>it could use noncongiguous physical pages.
    > With Dave's latest super-TSO patch, TCP over loopback will only be
    > doing order-0 allocations in the common case. UDP and others may
    > still do large allocations but that logic is all localised in
    > ip_append_data.
    > So if we wanted we could easily remove most large allocations over
    > the loopback device.

    I would be very interested to look into that. I would be
    willing to do benchmarks on a range of machines too if
    that would be of any use to you.


    SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.
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