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SubjectRe: [Ipw2100-devel] RE: ipw2200 can't compile under linux 2.6.13-rc1
On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 06:43 -0600, Alejandro Bonilla wrote:
> Probably the same reason why it won't compile in 2.6.12.
> Is it the is_multicast_ethr_addr error?

No, it's due to the fact that someone decided to merge an old version of
the ieee80211 subsystem into Linus' tree:

commit 279385949ebb41ad166fd37505fe552cdb74ed59
Author: Christoph Hellwig <>
Date: Sun Jun 19 01:27:20 2005 +0200

[PATCH] bring over ieee80211.h from mainline

the prototypes and inlines aren't actually needed, but let's not diverge
from -mm too far.

This version of the ieee80211 subsystem is incompatible with current
ipw2100/ipw2200 drivers and break the compilation of these.


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Henrik Brix Andersen <>
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