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Subjecttorturing filesystems [was Re: reiser4 plugins]

> > Alan, this is FUD. Our V3 fsck was written after everything else was,
> > for lack of staffing reasons (why write an fsck before you have an FS
> > worth using). As a result, there was a long period where the fsck code
> > was unstable. It is reliable now.
> >
> > People often think that our tree makes fsck less robust. Actually fsck
> > can throw the entire internal tree away and rebuild from leaf nodes, and
> > frankly that makes things pretty robust.
> I did a series of tests well after resier3 had fsck that consisted of
> modelling the behaviour of systems under error state. I modelled random
> bit errors, bit errors at a fixed offset (class ram failure), sector 4
> byte slip (known IDE fail case) and sectors going away.

Do you have that code somewhere? Best I could do was overwriting
random parts of partition with random data, you seem to have "more
interesting" failures...
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