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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
On Sad, 2005-06-25 at 04:14, David Masover wrote:
> Right, but even if I was a door geek, changing hinges costs more than
> changing code. Now, if I were building a new house and I happened to

Probably not, programmers are expensive 8)

> DVDs are cheap nowdays:

> Ok, you might need two of those. Still, it's not much, unless that's

At least four because the media decay patterns are not well understood.
So you need raid DVD too 8)

> > 1. It must work
> > 2. It must be clean code that follows the kernel style
> > 3. It must not break other stuff
> > 4. It needs a maintainer who won't get bored 12 months later and only
> > support reiser5

> It's #2 and #3 that I'm worried about. #4 is a little unfair, and I can
> verify that #1 is satisfied.

Please review the 2.5 history of reiserfs3 if you believe so

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