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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
David Masover wrote:

> The social traditions aren't uniform. In fact, if we're referring to
> all of open source, go hang out on for a great
> community, whether or not you like the distro. If you want developers,
> there's not too many RTFM's and "I was coding bytecode engines when you
> were in dipers" attitudes in #perl, either.

I would develop for BSD instead if they were anywhere near Linux in
marketshare. These attitudes, when the BSD guys had them, were why I
chose Linux over BSD to develop for. Now Linux has the market share,
and they act like the old BSD guys used to. Sad. Somebody else will
come along and challenge Linux someday. I wonder if Apple is a better
social environment for developers these days than Linux? It would be
fun to work with Steve Jobs, he has such a sense of vision and a delight
in new things. He hires good people too; Dominic Giampaolo is really

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