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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] ndevfs - a "nano" devfs

On 06.24, Mike Bell wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 01:18:08AM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> > Anyway, here's yet-another-ramfs-based filesystem, ndevfs. It's a very
> > tiny:
> ...
> > replacement for devfs for those embedded users who just can't live
> > without the damm thing. It doesn't allow subdirectories, and only uses
> > LSB compliant names. But it works, and should be enough for people to
> > use, if they just can't wean themselves off of the idea of an in-kernel
> > fs to provide device nodes.
> As far as ideas go, this is pretty much all I asked for. A simple kernel
> filesystem to export device nodes with names, rather than just the
> numbers as sysfs does. The "detecting non-existant device names" thing
> never meant anything to me personally, and if anyone does care this
> gives them a simple place to add such a hook - unlike device names I
> don't see why such a thing would be difficult to maintain as a patch.

I had always asked for the simpler and minimal /dev to let a system boot
and reach udev start, and I think this is even better !!

> What's the method for bootstrapping this filesystem onto a system? Is
> a mount from early userspace the only way you'd accept, or would a
> kernel parameter to automount over /dev as devfs does be tolerable?

I got sad when I read I did not support directories and so on, because
that meant I could not run udev on it, but I have thought
on an alernative for early userspace:
- mount ndevfs on /mnt
- cp -a /mnt /dev
- umount /mnt
- let init run /etc/rc.d/rc till it gets to mount /dev and start udev

Just a question (kinda newbie's question):

Does ndevfs to be mounted when a device is detected ? Or will it show
all the registered devices when mounted ?


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