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SubjectRe: -mm -> 2.6.13 merge status
Pekka J Enberg wrote:

> Hi Hans,
> On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 00:42 -0700, Hans Reiser wrote:
>> > These assertion codes are meaningless to the rest of us so please drop
>> > them.
>> I think you don't appreciate the role of assertions in making code
>> easier to audit and debug.
> I did not say you should drop the assertions. I referred to the
> "nikita-955" part which is redundant and pointless. Using
> __FILE__:__LINE__ (or BUG_ON even) will give you enough information to
> identify where the error occured.

but then it does not tell me who I assign the bug to.

> Because Reiser4 hitting an error condition and restarting the machine
> silently is silly. Just do panic() there.

Well, it seems we agreed and did not realize it. Oh well. The silent
restart seems like a silly option to have available. If someone can
think of a case where it is useful, let me know, otherwise vs please
remove it.

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