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Subject2.6.12 hangs on boot
G' day

I've been trying to switch from 2.6.12-rc3 to 2.6.12 on Dual EM64T 2.8 GHz
[ MoBo: Intel E7520, intel 82801 ]
but kernel hangs on boot right after records:

Booting processor 2/1 rip 6000 rsp ffff8100023dbf58
Initializing CPU#2

( below is a link to full boot trace, actually -git3 but no differences)

An attempt to enable debug:
gives rather strange result, kernel boots successfully ( with a lot of
debuging messages of course but i couldn't find something suspicious )

config for 2.6.12 have been taken from previous one, only
'make oldconfig' has been made.

Hang 100% reproducible on at least two of my EM64T hosts.
( actualy the same configuration as of MoBo/CPU )

Best regards.
Alexander Y. Fomichev <>
Public PGP key:
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