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SubjectRe: kernel bugzilla
At Sat, 18 Jun 2005 15:13:41 -0400,
Dave Jones wrote:
> One of the problems faced by bug-reporters sometimes is that with
> the multitude of bugzillas out there, and no cooperation between
> them all, they don't know where to file their bug.
> "My sound driver blew up, where do I file a bug"
> ? (in fact, I think the ALSA
> folks have their own bugzilla if memory serves correctly)
> [This demonstrates the problem -- even _I_ don't know, and I get a fair
> amount of alsa bug reports from end-users]

Yes, we have Mantis as own bugtracking system:

I fully agree with Dave. There are too many bugzillas, and developers
can't cover all of them, too.

It'd be nice if these (exported) bugzilla systems can notify to the
corresponding devel ML, e.g. alsa-devel in the case of ALSA, so that
the reports surely reach to developers.

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