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SubjectRe: [2.6.12rc4] PROBLEM: "drive appears confused" and "irq 18: nobody cared!"
Protasevich, Natalie wrote:
> I would also recommend booting with pci=routeirq, this will show the
> pre-disposition of each GSI->IRQ pair, although sometimes it changes IRQ
> distribution, and you may get different error. Also try using apic=debug
> or acpi=verbose to see the IO-APIC lines setup.

I've booted kernel 2.6.12-git1 + iteraid.patch from Andrew with kernel
parameters pci=routeirq and apic=debug. You'll find the complete syslog
as attachment.
Hope, that helps you.

> For debug failed IRQs, I
> sometimes insert print_io_APIC() after each PCI device IRQ registration,
> to see it got edge or level triggered and other details.
> The other one that I saw causing problems especially for ISA devices is
> ACPI PnP (and still does, I'm researching a similar problem on ES7000),
> and in this case I get my system booted with pnpacpi=off.

I don't have any ISA devices on my board.


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