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Subject[patch 0/5] x86_64 CPU hotplug patch series.

Attached are the set of patches to support x86-64 logical cpu hot-add/remove.

Special thanks to Andi for painfully reviewing some interim versions.

It seems to hold tight for overnight stress tests with make -j's and
hotplug happening in parallel.

Andrew: Could you help test staging in -mm so we can get some wider testing
from those interested.

*Sore Point*: Andi doesnt agree with one patch that removes ipi-broadcast
and uses only online map cpus receive IPI's. This is much simpler approach to
handle instead of trying to remove the ill effects of IPI broadcast to CPUs in
offline state.

Initial concern from Andi was IPI performance, but some primitive test with a
good number of samples doesnt seem to indicate any degration at all, infact the
results seem identical. (Barring any operator errors :-( ).

It would be nice to hear other opinions as well, hopefuly we can close on
what what the right approach in this case. Link to an earlier discussion
on the topic.

Rusty (who has been hiding somewhere in the woods these days :-)), could
you suggest something...

Ashok Raj

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