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SubjectRe: OT] Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog
Joerg Schilling napisał(a):

> The natural way to access SCSI is the method I use, ASPI uses and FreeBSD
> uses..... If Linux likes to implement things differntly, they are free
> to do so but the Linux authors need to learn that I don't like to spend my
> time on somethign that might be useless next week.

This will be my next 2 cents.

The *natural* way to access any device is its device file in the /dev/

I've "straced" cdrecrod few times when it coundn't do scnabus properly.
What I have discovered is that cdrecord *just* tries to open several
devices that *might* be recorders. There is no need to use USB for this
to fail. For example if I had /dev/hda HDD and /dev/hdc CDR (no one
attaches both on one channel) cdrecord stopped as it faild to open hdb
while ther was no such file. Do I have to create device file if I ve got
no device?

The only thing we all ask is to make it possible to choose manually the
device node cdrecord is trying to detect. That is a 'mechanism not
polisy' thing. Let the other software insure the stabilit of naming.

Best regards.
Było mi bardzo miło. Trzecia pospolita klęska, [...]
>Łukasz< Już nie katolicka lecz złodziejska. (c)PP

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