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SubjectRe: [OT] mailing list management
Stefan Smietanowski napisał(a):

>>>These ideas make the mailing list resemble behavior of FidoNet echos and
>>>GoldEd which were my first contact with e-mail conferences and I used to
>>>like the way they worked. But that is completly different story.
> You're also missing another point.
> If someone sends a mail to the list without being subscribed to it,
> and then you would write only to the list, the person asking the
> original question wouldn't get the answer.

Explicit CC request + self-CC the e-mail sent to the list in most cases
will suffice. As far as TB is concerned this also needs 'Reply All' to
be used but self-cc seems to me semantically more logical. Especially in
the case Jasper has given when he sends a mail to LKML from a different
place (work) than he receives it.

> In a small, closed list reply-to: set to the list is good, but not on
> an open list with people not subscribed answer.

I may agree that.

What I am really against is the dogmathic point of view presented in the
document about RT header that is linked from the FAQ.

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