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Subjectdeactivating PXA255 watchdog
Hi Wim,

I think you are the current "watchdog guy", although watchdog doesn't
have a MAINTAINERS entry so I'm looking at bk/lkml history etc and might
be mistaken...

I wrote to the the linux-arm-kernel mailing list recently with a query
because the sa1100_wdt code supports the writing 'V' to deactivate the
watchdog thing, but unfortunately once armed the hardware cannot be

I was going to produce a patch to remove the 'V' support and it was
suggested by Russell that I should ask for your opinion. Do you have a
preference with regards to offering a warning or error etc if a 'V' is

My original message is below. I have had confirmation that the SA1100
has the same behaviour as PXA2xx from Nico.


> The code in drivers/char/watchdog/sa1100_wdt.c has support for the
> standard write a 'V' for a safe shutdown semantics, which clears the
> OIER[E3] bit.
> However, it seems that even if this bit is clear the watchdog reset will
> still occur because OWER[WME] is set (and cannot be cleared).
> Removing this support (perhaps with a warning/error or something) would
> seem to make sense but I wanted to check that the SA1100 behaviour was
> the same since they share the driver before I submitted anything.

Ian Campbell, Senior Design Engineer
Arcom, Clifton Road, Direct: +44 (0)1223 403 465
Cambridge CB1 7EA, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1223 411 200

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