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SubjectRe: External USB2 HDD affects speed hda
Grant Coady wrote:

> On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 15:11:12 +0200, Rene Herman <> wrote:
>>In fact, anyone who could do the same would be much welcome. Certainly
>>with the EHCI controller on a PCI card, and even more certainly with a
>>VIA VT6212 EHCI controller on a PCI card.
> Not quite what you asked, following is with 6GB laptop HDD in USB
> enclosure on /dev/sdb, main drive is Seagate SATA /dev/sda.
> More hardware info on
> includes an lspci -v, mobo, CPU, HDD info
> nVidia driver not loaded, box running headless to ssh terminal.
> USB optical mouse only other device plugged in
> USB drive plugged in prior to reboot both times

Okay, great, thanks...

> after many runs, plus hardware info:
> root@sempro:~# cat /sys/class/usb_host/usb1/registers
> bus pci, device 0000:00:10.4 (driver 10 Dec 2004)
> EHCI 1.00, hcd state 1
> structural params 0x00004208
> capability params 0x00006872
> status a008 Async Recl FLR
> command 010009 (park)=0 ithresh=1 period=256 RUN

David, did I understand correctly that the Async status bit should not
be set without the Async command bit, period? Or was that just in my
case, with everything idle/off/disconnected?

If first, then I'm happy that it's not just me ...

> 00:10.4 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. USB 2.0 (rev 86)

... although maybe still just VIA.

> 2.6.12-rc5-mm2a third run

[ snip, no Async or Recl status bit ]

> irq normal 8184 err 0 reclaim 5387 (lost 82)

No idea about those. Not seeing lost interrupts here, even after
generating quite some traffic.

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