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Subject[ANNOUNCE] automated linux kernel testing results
OK, I've finally got this to the point where I can publish it.

Currently it builds and boots any mainline, -mjb, -mm kernel within
about 15 minutes of release. runs dbench, tbench, kernbench, reaim and fsx.
Currently I'm using a 4x AMD64 box, a 16x NUMA-Q, 4x NUMA-Q, 32x x440 (ia32)
PPC64 Power 5 LPAR, PPC64 Power 4 LPAR, and PPC64 Power 4 bare metal system.
The config files it uses are linked by the machine names in the column

Andrew, you should be able to see build failures in -mm more easily now ;-)
I'll work on some automatic email triggers to you if you want them.

Thanks to all the other IBM people who've worked on the ABAT test system
that this stuff relies on - too many to list, but especially Andy, Adam,
and Enrique, who have fixed endless bugs, and put up with my incessant
bitching about it all not working as it should ;-)

It will do various other bits and pieces ... more profiling, more tests,
it'll do patches, etc as well. I don't want to push much volume up to (I just copy a small subset of the generated files right now),
but there are more runs queued with some fixup patches on top of -mm tree,
for example. It did also do -bk and -git nightly builds, they're not in
this matrix, but I'll add them back soon.

Andrew, if you want some other test added to the mix, please let me
know ... though theoretically we can do multi-machine tests (eg networked),
I want to stick with single-machine ones for now. There's a huge pile of
tests we intend to add ... but I thought I'd throw the general results
mechanism out there for people to look at.

Clicking on the failure ones error codes should take you to somewhere
vaguely helpful to diagnose it. Clicking on the job number just below
that takes you to the info I'm publishing right now, which should
include perf results and profiles, etc. I'll add graphs, etc later,
comparing performance across kernels (I have them ... just not automated).


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