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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] new timeofday x86-64 arch specific changes (v. B1)
    On 02.06.2005 [18:27:51 +0000], Parag Warudkar wrote:
    > > If you grab Linus' current tree it should apply.
    > >
    > > Sorry about the confusion.
    > > -john
    > I ignored the reject since it was from an #include section - the build
    > went fine. I am even able to use it successfully. Couple things -
    > Very happy to report that I no longer get those annoying - "losing
    > some ticks ..." "your time source is unreliable or some driver is
    > hogging interrupts" messages - Not sure what change in TOD subsystem
    > cured it - or was it just the removal of the printk? ;)
    > Sadly, it somehow feels noticeably slower than vanilla 2.6.12-rc5.
    > Especially using X/KDE - It is surely usable but not snappy. I will do
    > more research to find out exactly why - but before that is such as
    > loss of snappiness possible due to the TOD changes?

    Which timesource is being used?

    cat /sys/devices/system/timesource/timesource0/timesource

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