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SubjectRe: Tyan Opteron boards and problems with parallel ports (badpmd)
CW = Christopher Warner
CW>>>> The tyan boards I have in here right now appear to
CW>>>> work properly except for the pmd issue, i've noticed
CW>>>> nothing wrong with them besides that.

PS = Peter J. Stieber
PS>>> Same here.

CW>>>> What we need is to try and single out the variables that
CW>>>> are causing the badpmd's. Also the more people who
CW>>>> report badpmd's with Andi Kleen's intial patch the better.
CW>>>> Especially on different archs; would also be good. So
CW>>>> far from lkml i'm only seeing Tyan S28* boards as of
CW>>>> recent.

PS>>> Does the Dave Jones provided Fedora Core 3 kernel I'm running
PS>>> (2.6.11-1.29_FC3smp) have Andi's patch?
PS>>> I guess that question was fo Dave ;-)

DJ = Dave Jones
DJ>> not the latest iteration no.

PS> I'd be willing to try it if you could provide it Dave.

I (and others) have been running a new FC3 kernel provided by Dave
(2.6.11-1.31_FC3smp) for a while know and it seems to have fixed this

Dave will have to comment with respect to what changes were made to this

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