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SubjectProblem with __alt_instructions array on IA-32

I am building linux kernel 2.6.9-6 with Intel
Compilation is successfull.
While booting, kernel panic is reprted.
I also found the place of kernel panic. It is in
"apply_alternatives" function. Commenting this
function boots the kernel, but then there are Xserver
and network related problems.

I found that in __alt_instructions is array of
structures of "alt_instr".

struct alt_instr {
__u8 *instr; /* original
instruction */
__u8 *replacement;
__u8 cpuid; /* cpuid bit set for
replacement */
__u8 instrlen; /* length of original
instruction */
__u8 replacementlen; /* length of new
instruction, <= instrlen */
__u8 pad;

While debuging it is found that this array has NULL
value for member 'instr' (except first ).

i.e. __alt_instrctions[1].instr ,
__alt_instrctions[2].instr , ... are all NULL.

This causes Kernel panic.

Could you please suggest why these member are NULL ?

Thanks in advance.


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