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SubjectRe: Reproducible NFS Kernel Crashing Bug!
Alan followed up with me but we did not reach any conclusion as to what 
was causing it to crash. The main way I got it to crash was dd
if=/dev/hde (root drive) of=/nfs/file.img bs=1M, I have not had any issues
as far as copying files and such. For you, is it on a particular box or
boxes, have you tried copying the other direction? I use NFS over UDP btw

# mount
mount:/disk/1 on /remote/1 type nfs

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, Michael Heyse wrote:

> Hi Justin and others,
> did you manage to resolve this problem? I'm also experiencing apparantly NFS-related crashes (kernel
> hangs after a couple of seconds up to minutes, no syslog entries, nothing at all works any more)
> using and NFS V3 over TCP, standard r/wsizes, ext3 on a RAID5 array. Is this possibly
> arch- or otherwise hardware-dependent? The NFS server works fine on my P4 on ASUS P4P800 board,
> while it crashes my EPIA Board (VIA C3) using the same software configuration. Other network
> applications run fine (as a workaround I'm using samba right now instead of nfs), so I don't think
> my hardware is broken.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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