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SubjectRe: tg3 in 2.6.12-rc6 and Cisco PIX SMTP fixup
Lars Roland wrote:

>On 6/17/05, Alejandro Bonilla <> wrote:
>>one question,
>> Can I know what is the problem?
>>:I have 2 tg3 adapters, lots e100's and some Cisco PIX and devices.
>>I can try to reproduce it and see if anyone has something to say about it.
>Yes please. As I see it. Enable smtp fixup protocol on your cisco pix
>(you will need to have a smtp server to point it to), then on some
>linux system running with a kernel greater than do a telnet to
>the smtp server that is firewalled and try to issue a smtp command.
>Note that cisco has a bug report on smtp fixup banner hiding issues in
>cisco os 6.3.4 but it should not result in the connection getting
>dropped, it also does not explain why this problem does not seam to
>exists on kernels prior to 2.6.9.
>Lars Roland


I might be able to try this tomorrow. Just need to setup the PIX.

If you have that bug ID, let me know. ;-)

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