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Subject[PATCH 0/6] files: scalable fd management (V4)
This is an updated version of patchset published earlier
at -

Since then I have done the following additional testing :

1. SMP/UP kernels with and without CONFIG_PREEMPT on x86 and ppc64.
running various tests like ltp, dbench, tiobench, reaim.

2. Testing with a testcase that creates > 1024 fds and exercises
the vmalloc allocation and freeing path.

3. More 24+ hour runs on both x86 and ppc64

4. Touch testing with X running on a desktop.

5. Testing with __ARCH_HAS_CMPXCHG undefined. I booted and ran some
basic tests with this on a ppc64 SMP box in order to exercise
the hashed locking.

Additional performance #s :

tiobench on a 4-way ppc64 system :
Test 2.6.10-vanilla Stdev 2.6.10-fd Stdev
Seqread 1428 32.47 1475.0 29.11
Randread 1469.2 17.27 1599.6 35.95
Seqwrite 262.06 9.31 246.8 30.94
Randwrite 548.38 12.49 521.4 61.98

With LL/SC based locks, cache line bouncing effect of file_lock
is not as pronounced, but it still makes a difference
with seq and random reads.

Andrew, would it be possible to give this some testing time
in -mm ? If so, please let me know what would be an appropriate
time for that and I will send patches against -mm.

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