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    SubjectRe: Race condition in module load causing undefined symbols
    Thanks Prarit,

    I updated mkinitrd from 4.1.18 to 4.2.15 and udev from 039 to 058.
    This appears to have cured it on my work machine, I will try the
    other box later.

    Looking at Documentation/Changes, which appears to still be the
    official repository for required tool versions, it seems somewhat
    dated, and makes no mention of mkinitrd version requirements.


    Prarit Bhargava wrote:
    > Colleagues,
    > (Copied and edited from a post I made on linux-hotplug-devel last month.)
    > I've privately emailed Steve with a quick-and-dirty solution for the
    > problems he was experiencing with the system boot. I wasn't sure if he
    > was having the same problems I've had with 2.6.12 and old packages but
    > it looks like he was.
    > I'm surprised we haven't had more people on this list wondering about
    > the strange behaviour of their initrd/initramfs :) .
    > When I looked at the original output Steve had posted I noticed that it
    > looked like drivers were attempting to load at the same time and because
    > of this he eventually hit an oops. I (and an engineer from another
    > company working on another arch) have hit the same problem due to the
    > requirements of our current work.
    > (Unfortunately, I'm more familiar with RedHat/Fedora than I am with
    > other distro's -- please bear with me.)
    > The issue is that David Howells posted a patch that changed the
    > behaviour of kallsyms/insmod/rmmod sometime ago. The patch *is correct*
    > in what it does, however, the patch requires that /sbin/sh must be aware
    > of pid returns by wait().
    > There are two fixes that I'm aware of, and depending on what you're
    > doing they are both "correct" (although in the case of developing in
    > 2.6.12, IMO, you
    > _must_ do the latter).
    > The first fix is for the situation where you're developing for a
    > specific distribution. If this is the case, then you should back out
    > the patch above and continue moving forward.
    > The second fix, and again you must do this if you're developing 2.6.12,
    > is to *update the mkinitrd package* which has a new version of /bin/sh.
    > P.

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