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    SubjectRe: /proc/cpuinfo format - arch dependent!
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    > I personally think that what would be useful is not "the number of CPUs"
    > (which does not make any sense), but an enumeration of :
    > - the physical nodes (for NUMA)
    > - the physical CPUs
    > - each CPU's cores (for multi-core)
    > - each core's siblings (for HT/SMT)
    > each of which would report their respective id for {set,get}_affinity().
    > This way, the application would be able to choose how it needs to spread
    > over available CPUs depending on its workload. But IMHO, this should
    > definitely not be put in cpuinfo. I consider that cpuinfo is for the human.

    When one defines it one way you can be sure there'll come some company
    and figure something out that doesn't fit into that representation.

    Like - Stick a board into the CPU slot of some motherboard. That board
    has two DualCore, SMT chips.


    Now the funny part - there is a company selling those things (not
    dualcore yet, but SMT anyhow).

    How do you fit it into that model?

    // Stefan
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