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SubjectRe: OT] Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog
Joerg Schilling <> writes:
> Dmitry Torokhov <> wrote:
>> > Cdrecord includes the needed features to do what you like, but do
>> > not asume that you will be able to force me to make nonportable and
>> > Linux specific interfaces a gauge for the design of a portable
>> > program. If you read the cdrecord man page, you know that you
>> > could happily call cdrecord dev=green_burner.....
>> >
>> No, that static mapping is not good. I have an external enclosure
>> that does firewire and USB. I want to be able to use "sony-dvd" to
>> access it no matter whether it is onnected to USB bus or Firewire and
>> whether there are other devices (disks) on USB or firewire. It is
>> possible to do with udev creating a link to /dev/sony-dvd.
> I am not sure what you like to do.....

He wants to be able to access his dvd recorder via dev=/sony-dvd. And it
should not matter how it is connected (USB/firewire).

> But what you claim is simply impossible.

No it is not.

> As you started to introduce the allegory with the colors, let me make
> an assumption based on your claim:
> - Buy two identical drives and varnish one in red and the other
> in green.

That is indeed impossible, but as soon as there are two different
drives, it is possible with udev and not possible with a static


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