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    Subject[2.6.12-rc3][SUSPEND] qla1280 (QLogic 12160 Ultra3) blows up on A7M266-D
    I was feeling lucky yesterday and decided to try my
    luck on an A7M266-D with suspend-to-disk. I noticed
    two things

    1) If I use XFS /w the SCSI controller (connected to 2
    IBM HD 10K Ultra3 SCSI disks) I can suspend to disk no
    problem, but resuming all hell breaks loose. It takes
    a half an hour to reload the swap memory dumped to
    disk. When it finally does resume. The SCSI controller
    throws ISP errors and hangs. When rebooting after, the
    partition table is completely gone (I did not try to
    repair it).

    2) If I use EXT3, suspending to disk is fine resuming
    is fine there is no long delay to load the swap memory
    back to RAM. But when it finishes resuming I get the
    same ISP error and the partition table gets corrupt as

    Is it likely this SCSI driver doesn't know how to
    handle suspend events?

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