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    SubjectRe: zImage on 2.6?
    Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    > On Tue, 3 May 2005 06:45:03 -0400 Wakko Warner wrote:
    > | > It's supported in arch/i386/Makefile (and some others).
    > | > For i386, you'll need to disable enough (lots of) options to make the
    > | > resulting output file small enough...
    > |
    > | The resultant bzImage is ~760kb. I compiled out everything I could, only
    > | ram disk/initrd, and ext2 are compiled in.
    > |
    > | If you'd like to see the .config, I'll send it up.
    > Are you saying that zImage still fails (image is too large?) ?

    Yes, I do recall it says "System is 724k". zImage failes. bzImage says
    724k as well and succeeds.

    > I built one, but I wouldn't want to boot it. :)
    > It looks like you would need to put almost everything into
    > an initrd to make it usable.

    That was the idea in this. Once I get my stuff the way I want it, I'll
    probably move on to using initramfs. My initrd is using ramdisk, my / is on
    tmpfs and is populated by .tgz files on other media (The boot time is
    generally short lived by design anyway)

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