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SubjectRe: spinaphore conceptual draft (was discussion of RT patch)
On May 29, 2005, at 09:29:37, Joe Seigh wrote:
> If you went with a bakery algorithm and could tolerate FIFO service
> order,
> you could use the expected service time as the ticket increment value
> instead of 1. Before a thread gets a ticket, it examines the
> expected queue
> wait time, the difference between the current ticket and the next
> available
> ticket, to decide which increment to be applied to the next ticket
> value.
> The two possible increment values would be the uncontended resource
> service
> time and that value plus thread suspend/resume overhead. If the
> expected
> wait time is greater than the latter, it uses the latter as the
> increment
> value and suspends rather than spins.

Ah, interesting idea. Perhaps we ought to try implementing several of
ideas and benchmarking them. I'll work on a user-space operable
version of
my naive spinaphores, as well as an optimized assembly version, if I can
find the time in the next day or so.

Kyle Moffett

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