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    SubjectRe: CSB5 IDE does not fully support native mode??
    On Maw, 2005-05-24 at 21:26, wrote:
    > Can someone explain what the issue is and what I might need to
    > do to use csb5 ide in native mode? thanks.

    In order to keep the legacy world from falling to bits IDE and VGA have
    some ugly hacks in the PCI spec.

    In legacy mode an IDE device appears at the "old" standard IDE addresses
    and uses an external IRQ pin wired to the ISA IRQ lines (14 or 15). In
    native mode it behaves like a PCI device, honouring the PCI bars and
    using the PCI INT lines.

    >From a performance perspective the difference is essentially irrelevant
    and from a wiring perspective its often decided irrevocably by the board

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