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SubjectRe: When we detect that a 16550 was in fact part of a NatSemi SuperIO chip
On Sun, 2005-05-22 at 21:58 +0200, Brian O'Mahoney wrote:
> There is NO Question(TM), the DPA is about the privacy, appropriateness,
> accuracy of private data and the way that data can be used by government
> or industry, and I can see no reason why anyone should remove
> 'sign-offs' or other identification in the original e-mail which forms
> part of the original communication, if legal advice was received to
> the contrary it is _plain_wrong_; (for example we could not store e-mail
> sent to us, which is often mandatory to the proper conduct of business).
> Copyright law is complicated, since it differs in the UK, EU and non EU
> contries, such as Switzerland; so in the UK copyright automatically
> persists in anything I write, in the US it dosn't, BUT, if a Bern
> Convention copyright notice is included, eg:

Are you a lawyer? I think "copyright automatically persists in anything
you write" in the US as well.


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