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SubjectRe: When we detect that a 16550 was in fact part of a NatSemi SuperIO chip

On Sun, 22 May 2005, David Woodhouse wrote:
> Linus, please do not apply patches from me which have my personal
> information mangled or removed.

I've asked Russell not to do it, but the fact is, he's worried about legal
issues, and while I've also tried to resolve those (by having the OSDL
lawyer try to contact some lawyers in the UK), that hasn't been clarified

So either rmk needs to stop worrying about UK legal issues (the law itself
sounds fine, but the stupidity is in potential interpretations of it, and
I'm hoping we can get a statement saying that such an interpretation is
not actually valid), or rmk would need to special-case you and others that
explicitly ask him not to mangle sign-offs.

Now, having myself aggressively automated a lot of what I do just to be
able to keep up, I have to admit that I understand rmk's objections to
special-casing certain email addresses very well. It tends to just not be
worth the pain.

So for now, it looks like we either have to make sure that rmk is
comfortable with not editing sign-off's (working on it, but I can't
guarantee anything), or that you're ok with getting the email stripped,
_or_ you will end up having to send patches directly to me rather than to
rmk (and face the chaos and bumbling that is Linus).

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