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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.12-rc4-mm2] drivers: (dynamic sysfs callbacks) update device attribute callbacks
Here is the previously mentioned perl script. Its quite simplistic,
and accepts the filename of a source file to update as a parameter, or
uses stdin/stdout if no parameters are given. To update a whole tree
using the below just use something like:

find linux-2.6.12-rc4 -type f -exec ./ {} \;

This script should catch every device_attribute callback, including
multiline function signatures and embedded in macros. If it fails to
catch something please let me know.



use strict;

my $infile=shift;

if(!defined $infile){
open(IN,"<&STDIN") or die "Could not open an input stream";
open(IN,"<$infile") or die "Could not open an input stream";

my $subs = 0;
my $code = "";


$code =~ s/(ssize_t[\s\\]+?[^(;]+?\(\s*?struct[\s\\]+?(?:device)[\s\\]*?\*[^,);]*?,)([\s\\]*?char[\s\\]*?\*[^,);]*?[\s\\]*?\))/$1
struct device_attribute *attr,$2/gs && $subs++;
$code =~ s/(ssize_t[\s\\]+?[^(;]+?\(\s*?struct[\s\\]+?(?:device)[\s\\]*?\*[^,);]*?,)([\s\\]*?const[\s\\]+?char[\s\\]*?\*[^,);]*?[\s\\]*?,[\s\\]*size_t[^,);]*?[\s\\]*\))/$1
struct device_attribute *attr,$2/gs && $subs++;

if(!defined $infile){
open(OUT,">&STDOUT") or die "Could not open an output stream";
open(OUT,">$infile") or die "Could not open an output stream";
print OUT $code;
$infile && print STDOUT "$infile updated.\n";
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