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SubjectRe: GDB, pthreads, and kernel threads
Douglas McNaught wrote:

>John Clark <> writes:
>>Also, I do believe I'm using the NPTL package for threads. Is there a
>>way to absolutely tell without
>If you see multiple 'ps' entries for threads (without using any
>special flags to ps) you are not using NPTL. NPTL is in 2.6 and in
>some vendor 2.4 kernels, but not in 2.4.X.

I used the hint from Ajay Patel and found that in my 'installed' glibc
on my host 'linuxthreads' was being
used. However, I did compile glibc-2.3.5 for the host and results from
that indicate that the nptl threads
version is begin used.

I will see if 1) the Gentoo distribution which was installed on the host
machine I'm using has an updated
version of everything to the nptl threads, or 2) compile gdb against the
glibc-2.3.5 which has the
ntpl threads.

Also, I'm using a 2.6.5 kernel in my host development environment, and
using a kernel
in my target. The target is actually using uClibc, and so I will check
for the type of threads package
that is being supported there as well.

John Clark

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