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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Optimize sys_times for a single thread process
On Tue, 17 May 2005, Andrew Morton wrote:

> Well, hrm, maybe. If this task has one sibling thread, and that thread is
> in the process of exitting then (current == next_thread(current)) may
> become true before that sibling thread has had a chance to dump its process
> accounting info into the signal structure.

The task is only "unhashed" after the counters have been added in
__exit_signal. See release_task in kernel/exit.c

> If that dumping happens prior to the __detach_pid() call then things are
> probably OK (modulo memory ordering issues). Otherwise there's a little
> window where the accounting will go wrong.

__exit_signal takes various locks that will insure the proper sequencing.

> Have you audited that code to ensure that the desired sequencing occurs in
> all cases and that the appropriate barriers are in place?

AFAIK release task is always called for task removal.

> It all looks a bit fast-and-loose. If there are significant performance
> benefits and these issues are loudly commented (they aren't at present)
> then maybe-OK, I guess.

There are significant performance benefits in particular for one standard
NUMA benchmark that keeps calling sys_times over and over. I believe other
programs may exhibit the same brain dead behavior.

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