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SubjectRe: [PATCH] namespace.c: fix bind mount from foreign namespace
Ram wrote:
> Under the premise that bind mounts across namespace should be allowed;
> any insight why the "founding fathers" :) allowed only bind
> and not recursive bind? What issue would that create?

Recursive bind traverses the subtree of vfsmnts rooted at the source
mount (following mnt->mnt_mounts, see copy_tree()). That requires the
source mount's namespace semaphore to be held.

> One can easily workaround that restriction by manually binding
> recursively.

Yes, if you know which mounts they are.

> I remember Miklos saying its not a security issue but a
> implementation/locking issue. That can be fixed aswell.

Yes, by taking the source namespace semaphore while traversing the
subtree. That involves taking _two_ semaphores, so they have to be
ordered to avoid deadlock (see double-locking elsewhere in the kernel).

- Jamie
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