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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/8] ppc64: SPU file system

> > /run A stub file that lets us do ioctl. The only ioctl
> > method we need is the spu_run() call. spu_run suspends
> > the current thread from the host CPU and transfers
> > the flow of execution to the SPU.
> > The ioctl call return to the calling thread when a state
> > is entered that can not be handled by the kernel, e.g.
> > an error in the SPU code or an exit() from it.
> > When a signal is pending for the host CPU thread, the
> > ioctl is interrupted and the SPU stopped in order to
> > call the signal handler.
> ioctl's are generally considered evil ... what about a write() method
> writing a command ?

That's even more evil than ioctl()... Try doing 32-vs-64bit conversion
on write...
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