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SubjectRe: [RCF] [PATCH] unprivileged mount/umount
> > You could argue about the usefulness of ptrace.  The point is, that
> > suid/sgid programs _can_ be discerned, and ptrace _needs_ to discern
> > them.
> I actually neither needs to, nor does. For ptrace the definition is:
> If the tracee has different privilegies, than the tracer, than it
> can't be traced.

Right. I was talking about suid/sgid because with private namespaces
(unless there's a way to enter them externally) only suid/sgid
programs will have different privileges.

> For this definition, the check is not a hack. It's the only way to go.
> Now this definition is really what is needed for the filesystem case
> too, so I think it's not a hack either.

Fully agreed.

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