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SubjectVFS does not find /dev/sda3 (8,3), Kernel Panic

I have been trying this for some days now:

I'm trying to boot onto my first Serial ATA Disk (SATA1). My config,
lspci and lsmod are attached.
When I boot from the Gentoo-Minimal-Install-CD everything works great
and the disks are correctly recognised as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.

I took the /proc/config.gz from the chrooted and mounted system and
compiled a new kernel off it. I made sure that all the SATA drivers
are (*) and not (M). Then I tried to boot into the new kernel and BAM:
Kernel Panic, VFS can not find root (sda3) (8,3).

My motherboard is an Intel SE7520BD2 and my HD is a Maxtor SATA 200GB.

Any clou's or insights are greatly appreciated!

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