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SubjectRe: NFS: msync required for data writes to server?
Trond & Andrew,

Thank you both so much for your help!

The change fixed the problem we were having with the testsuite with mmap
of NFS files. We had 3 successful test runs today with the fix in place.
I found the changeset entry for this fix:

ChangeSet@1.2181.9.9, 2005-03-15 19:44:28-08:00,
[PATCH] NFS: Ensure that dirty pages are written with the right creds.

When doing shared mmap writes, the resulting dirty NFS pages may
find themselves incapable of being flushed out if I/O is started
after the file was released.

Make sure we start I/O on all existing dirty pages in nfs_file_release().


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