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SubjectKernel 2.6 project compilation and GCC attribs??
dudes i m using FC 3 with kdeveloper 3.0 on kernel 2.6.
i have used quiet a few function pointers. but i have been
experiencing frustrating behaviour. there are some places in the code
where functions get called properly and on the other part they just
dont get called.

and on more thing
when i use ( x < y ? 5:10)
with x=1 and y=2
the result i get is x = 10: (
and when i replace this stetement with if else struct i get correct result.
y is this............ should i be coding my project or shoud i be
fixing those compilation bugs ..
what i need to ask is that is there any special gcc attributes which
are need to be specified, because i m using default make file to build
my project procuded by kdevelop's wizard.
whats wrong and where it can be........
i m terribly frustrated what do u guys thinkkkkkk

When the going gets tough, The tough gets going...!
Peace ,
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