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SubjectRe: Sync option destroys flash!
On Gwe, 2005-05-13 at 20:10, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> > It sounds like your need to find a vendor who makes decent keys. For
> > that matter several vendors now offer life time guarantees with their
> > USB flash media.
> Now THAT I gotta check into. I never noticed anything on the packaging
> about a guarantee, but I will now.

Most of them have guarantees of some form (this URL might be useful
since it lists the guarantee times for a lot of the media - EU
guarantees anyway, US often seem to be a lot different)

As you'll see Lexar for example offer lifetime guarantees on their
units. I believe Kingston also do.

> But how do you determine which are
> "decent" keys? They don't put stickers on them saying "this one is
> decent" and "this one is junk" and I'm an old cynic who has learned that
> price is not always a good indicator either. Maybe the guarantee will
> be a clue. I've just got to shop for it more.

Or it may even be cheaper to "burn" a few - buy one of each type from
various shops, do 2 million writes to the same sector and take them back
the next day if they died [And publish the review data 8))]


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