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SubjectRe: NUMA aware slab allocator V2
Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
> Could we boot the box without quiet so that we can get better debug
> messages?

It didn't produce anything interesting. For some reason the console output
stops when start_kernel() runs console_init() (I guess it all comes out
later) so the machine is running blind when we run kmem_cache_init().
Irritating. I just moved the console_init() call to happen later on.

It's going BUG() in kmem_cache_init()->set_up_list3s->is_node_online
because for some reason the !CONFIG_NUMA ppc build has MAX_NUMNODES=16,
even though there's only one node.


#define is_node_online(node) node_online(node)

unconditionally fixes that up (your patch shuld be using
for_each_online_node() everywhere?) but it oopses later - I think it's the
first time kmem_cache_alloc() is called.

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