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SubjectRe: Again: UML on s390 (31Bit)
Martin Schwidefsky wrote:
>>BTW: I still can't see any loop in the kernel, that could call
>>do_signal() multiple times without returning to user in between.
>>For my understanding: do I miss something? If so, where is the loop?
> do_signal sets up a signal frame for the user. It returns from it
> by an svc and then another signal could be pending. It's not really
> a loop. For every signal frame you end up at least once in user space
> because we avoid creating multiple signal frames on the user stack.
Yeah. That's what I saw.

Each time when the kernel is entered again and a signal is pending,
do_signal() will be called on return to user with regs->trap setup
freshly. So, I still believe the patch doesn't have *any* effect.


> blue skies,
> Martin
> Martin Schwidefsky
> Linux for zSeries Development & Services
> IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
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