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SubjectRe: [PATCH] check nmi watchdog is broken
Dave Jones writes:
> My EM64T Dell Precision 470 seems to have problems both before
> and after this change, though the behaviour changes.
> With -rc3..
> testing NMI watchdog ... CPU#1: NMI appears to be stuck (0)!
> With -rc4...
> Testing NMI watchdog ... CPU#4: NMI appears to be stuck (0)!
> The CPU #'s are consistent across reboots (Ie, they're always the same).
> Though the rc4 behaviour seems odd, as my CPUs are numbered 0-3.

There is known breakage in x86-64's nmi watchdog recently.
One of the problems is that the checking code inspects
all possible CPU numbers [0..NR_CPUS[ and not just the
ones actually present, which leads to false failure reports.

> Bill (Cc'd) also reports that with -rc4, he sees around
> a 10 second delay when it does that 'Testing NMI watchdog'
> message.

And that's another of the known x86-64 breakages.

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