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Subjectarm: Inconsistent kallsyms data

building 2.6.12-rc4 results in "Inconsistent kallsyms data". Setting

I made a diff of .tmp_kallsyms[12].S after converting them to human
readable form with .

I noticed that the error is triggered by an __initdata definition. It is
accessed only from an __init function, so that's ok I think. Removing
the __initdata attribute gets rid of the error message.

Let me know if you need more data to track the problem.

Any help is appreciated,

--- .tmp_kallsyms1.txt 2005-05-11 11:54:50.000000000 +0300
+++ .tmp_kallsyms2.txt 2005-05-11 11:54:55.000000000 +0300
@@ -16718,773 +16718,773 @@
d gss_kerberos_pfs PTR 0xc02ae46c
d gss_kerberos_ops PTR 0xc02ae494
D net_table PTR 0xc02ae4a4
-D _edata PTR 0xc02ae554
-B __bss_start PTR 0xc02ae560
-B system_state PTR 0xc02ae560
-B saved_command_line PTR 0xc02ae564
-B late_time_init PTR 0xc02ae964
-b execute_command PTR 0xc02ae968
-b panic_later PTR 0xc02ae96c
-b panic_param PTR 0xc02ae970
-B Version_132620 PTR 0xc02ae974
-B ROOT_DEV PTR 0xc02ae978
-b inbuf PTR 0xc02ae97c
-b window PTR 0xc02ae980
-b insize PTR 0xc02ae984
-b inptr PTR 0xc02ae988
-b outcnt PTR 0xc02ae98c
-b exit_code PTR 0xc02ae990
-b unzip_error PTR 0xc02ae994
-b bytes_out PTR 0xc02ae998
-b crd_infd PTR 0xc02ae99c
-b crd_outfd PTR 0xc02ae9a0
-b bb PTR 0xc02ae9a4
-b bk PTR 0xc02ae9a8
-b hufts PTR 0xc02ae9ac
-b crc_32_tab PTR 0xc02ae9b0
-b crc PTR 0xc02aedb0
-B initrd_below_start_ok PTR 0xc02aedb4
-B initrd_start PTR 0xc02aedb8
-B initrd_end PTR 0xc02aedbc
-B real_root_dev PTR 0xc02aedc0
-b inbuf PTR 0xc02aedc4
-b window PTR 0xc02aedc8
-b insize PTR 0xc02aedcc
-b inptr PTR 0xc02aedd0
-b outcnt PTR 0xc02aedd4
-b bytes_out PTR 0xc02aedd8
-b bb PTR 0xc02aeddc
-b bk PTR 0xc02aede0
-b hufts PTR 0xc02aede4
-b crc_32_tab PTR 0xc02aede8
-b crc PTR 0xc02af1e8
-b preset_lpj PTR 0xc02af1ec
-B omap_bootloader_tag_len PTR 0xc02af1f0
-B vram_size PTR 0xc02af1f4
-B omap_bootloader_tag PTR 0xc02af1f8
-B irq_desc PTR 0xc02af3f8
-b noirqdebug PTR 0xc02b3eb8
-b irq_err_count PTR 0xc02b3ebc
-B pm_idle PTR 0xc02b3ec0
-B pm_power_off PTR 0xc02b3ec4
-b hlt_counter PTR 0xc02b3ec8
-b thread_info_head PTR 0xc02b3ecc
-b nr_thread_info PTR 0xc02b3ed0
-B system_rev PTR 0xc02b3ed4
-B system_serial_low PTR 0xc02b3ed8
-B system_serial_high PTR 0xc02b3edc
-B cpu_user PTR 0xc02b3ee0
-B elf_hwcap PTR 0xc02b3ee8
-B elf_platform PTR 0xc02b3eec
-B per_cpu__cpu_data PTR 0xc02b3ef4
-B __machine_arch_type PTR 0xc02b3f38
-B cpu_cache PTR 0xc02b3f3c
-B fpe_type PTR 0xc02b3f60
-B processor_id PTR 0xc02b3f68
-b cpu_name PTR 0xc02b3f6c
-b machine_name PTR 0xc02b3f70
-b command_line PTR 0xc02b3f74
-B system_timer PTR 0xc02b4374
-B set_rtc PTR 0xc02b4378
-b next_rtc_update PTR 0xc02b437c
-b die_counter.0 PTR 0xc02b4380
-b consistent_pte PTR 0xc02b4384
-B empty_zero_page PTR 0xc02b4388
-B per_cpu__mmu_gathers PTR 0xc02b438c
-b keep_initrd PTR 0xc02b43a0
-B pgprot_kernel PTR 0xc02b43a4
-b ai_user PTR 0xc02b43a8
-b ai_sys PTR 0xc02b43ac
-b ai_skipped PTR 0xc02b43b0
-b ai_half PTR 0xc02b43b4
-b ai_word PTR 0xc02b43b8
-b ai_multi PTR 0xc02b43bc
-b ai_usermode PTR 0xc02b43c0
-B vipt_cache_aliasing PTR 0xc02b43c4
-b map_pte PTR 0xc02b43c8
-b from_pte PTR 0xc02b43cc
-b to_pte PTR 0xc02b43d0
-b rtc_async_queue PTR 0xc02b43d4
-b rtc_irq_data PTR 0xc02b43d8
-b rtc_inuse PTR 0xc02b43dc
-b rtc_ops PTR 0xc02b43e0
-B omap_board_config_size PTR 0xc02b43e4
-B omap_board_config PTR 0xc02b43e8
-b speed.0 PTR 0xc02b43ec
-b opt.1 PTR 0xc02b43f8
-b enable_1510_mode PTR 0xc02b43fc
-b dma_chan_count PTR 0xc02b4400
-b dma_chan_lock PTR 0xc02b4404
-b dma_chan PTR 0xc02b441c
-b lcd_dma PTR 0xc02b45f8
-b rate_table PTR 0xc02b4654
-b initialized PTR 0xc02b4664
-b gpio_ck PTR 0xc02b4668
-b gpio_bank PTR 0xc02b466c
-b gpio_bank_count PTR 0xc02b4670
-b mcbsp_dspxor_ck PTR 0xc02b4674
-b mcbsp_api_ck PTR 0xc02b4678
-b mcbsp_dsp_ck PTR 0xc02b467c
-b mcbsp_info.0 PTR 0xc02b4680
-b mcbsp PTR 0xc02b4684
-b platform_data PTR 0xc02b48dc
-B dsp_runstat PTR 0xc02b48e4
-b h4_config PTR 0xc02b48e4
-B dsp_ck_handle PTR 0xc02b48e8
-B api_ck_handle PTR 0xc02b48ec
-B dspmem_base PTR 0xc02b48f0
-B dspmem_size PTR 0xc02b48f4
-b init_done PTR 0xc02b48f8
-b orig_fp_enter PTR 0xc02b48fc
-b orig_fp_init PTR 0xc02b4900
-B float_detect_tininess PTR 0xc02b4904
-B float_rounding_mode PTR 0xc02b4905
-B float_exception_flags PTR 0xc02b4906
-B nohz_cpu_mask PTR 0xc02b4920
-B cpu_present_map PTR 0xc02b4924
-B per_cpu__kstat PTR 0xc02b4928
-b prev_jiffy.0 PTR 0xc02b4f28
-b per_cpu__runqueues PTR 0xc02b4f2c
-B per_cpu__process_counts PTR 0xc02b586c
-B vm_area_cachep PTR 0xc02b5870
-B files_cachep PTR 0xc02b5874
-B fs_cachep PTR 0xc02b5878
-B signal_cachep PTR 0xc02b587c
-B sighand_cachep PTR 0xc02b5880
-B total_forks PTR 0xc02b5884
-B nr_threads PTR 0xc02b5888
-B max_threads PTR 0xc02b588c
-b task_struct_cachep PTR 0xc02b5890
-b mm_cachep PTR 0xc02b5894
-b exec_domains_lock PTR 0xc02b5898
-B panic_notifier_list PTR 0xc02b5898
-B panic_blink PTR 0xc02b589c
-B panic_timeout PTR 0xc02b58a0
-B panic_on_oops PTR 0xc02b58a4
-B tainted PTR 0xc02b58a8
-b buf.1 PTR 0xc02b58ac
-b buf.0 PTR 0xc02b5cac
-B oops_in_progress PTR 0xc02b5cc0
-B console_drivers PTR 0xc02b5cc4
-b printk_buf.5 PTR 0xc02b5cc8
-b oops_timestamp.7 PTR 0xc02b60c8
-b last_msg.2 PTR 0xc02b60cc
-b missed.3 PTR 0xc02b60d0
-b console_locked PTR 0xc02b60d4
-b log_start PTR 0xc02b60d8
-b con_start PTR 0xc02b60dc
-b log_end PTR 0xc02b60e0
-b console_cmdline PTR 0xc02b60e4
-b console_may_schedule PTR 0xc02b6164
-b __log_buf PTR 0xc02b6168
-b logged_chars PTR 0xc02be168
-B timer_hook PTR 0xc02be16c
-b prof_buffer PTR 0xc02be170
-b prof_len PTR 0xc02be174
-b prof_shift PTR 0xc02be178
-b prof_on PTR 0xc02be17c
-B pps_offset PTR 0xc02be180
-B pps_freq PTR 0xc02be184
-B pps_jitcnt PTR 0xc02be188
-B pps_calcnt PTR 0xc02be18c
-B pps_errcnt PTR 0xc02be190
-B pps_stbcnt PTR 0xc02be194
-B sys_tz PTR 0xc02be198
-B hardpps_ptr PTR 0xc02be1a0
-B irq_stat PTR 0xc02be1c0
-b per_cpu__tasklet_hi_vec PTR 0xc02be1e0
-b per_cpu__tasklet_vec PTR 0xc02be1e4
-b softirq_vec PTR 0xc02be1e8
-b per_cpu__ksoftirqd PTR 0xc02be2e8
-b reserved.0 PTR 0xc02be300
-b resource_lock PTR 0xc02be300
-b reserve.1 PTR 0xc02be304
-b dev_table PTR 0xc02be374
-b debug_table PTR 0xc02be3a0
-b proc_table PTR 0xc02be3cc
-b minolduid PTR 0xc02be3f8
-b zero PTR 0xc02be3fc
-B securebits PTR 0xc02be400
-B time_freq PTR 0xc02be410
-B time_state PTR 0xc02be414
-B xtime PTR 0xc02be420
-B wall_to_monotonic PTR 0xc02be430
-B time_offset PTR 0xc02be438
-B time_reftime PTR 0xc02be43c
-B time_adjust PTR 0xc02be440
-B time_next_adjust PTR 0xc02be444
-B avenrun PTR 0xc02be448
-b whine_count.1 PTR 0xc02be454
-b time_phase PTR 0xc02be458
-b time_adj PTR 0xc02be45c
-b uid_cachep PTR 0xc02be460
-b uidhash_table PTR 0xc02be464
-b sigqueue_cachep PTR 0xc02bec64
-b notifier_lock PTR 0xc02bec68
-b reboot_notifier_list PTR 0xc02bec68
-b kmod_concurrent.1 PTR 0xc02bec6c
-b kmod_loop_msg.2 PTR 0xc02bec70
-b khelper_wq PTR 0xc02bec74
-b keventd_wq PTR 0xc02bec78
-B last_pid PTR 0xc02bec7c
-b pid_hash PTR 0xc02bec80
-b pidhash_shift PTR 0xc02bec90
-B per_cpu__rcu_bh_data PTR 0xc02bec94
-B per_cpu__rcu_data PTR 0xc02becc0
-b per_cpu__rcu_tasklet PTR 0xc02becec
-b kmalloc_failed PTR 0xc02bed00
-b posix_timers_cache PTR 0xc02bed04
-b posix_timers_id PTR 0xc02bed08
-b posix_clocks PTR 0xc02bed30
-b helper_wq PTR 0xc02befb0
-b kthread_stop_info PTR 0xc02befb4
-b zero_it.0 PTR 0xc02befe0
-b futex_queues PTR 0xc02beff0
-b futex_mnt PTR 0xc02c0ff0
-b module_notify_list PTR 0xc02c0ff4
-B max_low_pfn PTR 0xc02c0ff8
-B min_low_pfn PTR 0xc02c0ffc
-B max_pfn PTR 0xc02c1000
-B nr_pagecache PTR 0xc02c1004
-B pgdat_list PTR 0xc02c1008
-B zone_table PTR 0xc02c100c
-B totalram_pages PTR 0xc02c101c
-B totalhigh_pages PTR 0xc02c1020
-B nr_swap_pages PTR 0xc02c1024
-b per_cpu__page_states PTR 0xc02c1028
-b contig_bootmem_data PTR 0xc02c10c0
-B block_dump PTR 0xc02c10d8
-B laptop_mode PTR 0xc02c10dc
-b per_cpu__ratelimits.0 PTR 0xc02c10e0
-b total_pages PTR 0xc02c10e4
-b dirty_exceeded PTR 0xc02c10e8
-B nr_pdflush_threads PTR 0xc02c10ec
-b last_empty_jifs PTR 0xc02c10f0
-B slab_reclaim_pages PTR 0xc02c10f4
-b slab_break_gfp_order PTR 0xc02c10f8
-b offslab_limit PTR 0xc02c10fc
-b cache_chain_sem PTR 0xc02c1100
-b cache_chain PTR 0xc02c1128
-b g_cpucache_up PTR 0xc02c1130
-b per_cpu__reap_work PTR 0xc02c1134
-B page_cluster PTR 0xc02c1180
-b per_cpu__lru_add_active_pvecs PTR 0xc02c1184
-b per_cpu__lru_add_pvecs PTR 0xc02c11c4
-b total_memory PTR 0xc02c1204
-b page_pool PTR 0xc02c1208
-b isa_page_pool PTR 0xc02c120c
-B max_mapnr PTR 0xc02c1210
-B num_physpages PTR 0xc02c1214
-B high_memory PTR 0xc02c1218
-B vmalloc_earlyreserve PTR 0xc02c121c
-B mem_map PTR 0xc02c1220
-B vm_committed_space PTR 0xc02c1224
-B sysctl_overcommit_memory PTR 0xc02c1228
-B anon_vma_cachep PTR 0xc02c122c
-B vmlist_lock PTR 0xc02c1230
-B vmlist PTR 0xc02c1234
-b swap_cache_info PTR 0xc02c1238
-B total_swap_pages PTR 0xc02c1250
-B nr_swapfiles PTR 0xc02c1254
-B swap_info PTR 0xc02c1258
-b least_priority.0 PTR 0xc02c1e58
-b swap_overflow PTR 0xc02c1e5c
-B swap_token_default_timeout PTR 0xc02c1e60
-b swap_token_timeout PTR 0xc02c1e64
-b swap_token_check PTR 0xc02c1e68
-b shmem_special_inode_operations PTR 0xc02c1e6c
-b shmem_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c1ebc
-b shm_mnt PTR 0xc02c1ec0
-b old_max.0 PTR 0xc02c1ec4
-B buffer_heads_over_limit PTR 0xc02c1ec8
-b per_cpu__bh_accounting PTR 0xc02c1ecc
-b per_cpu__bh_lrus PTR 0xc02c1ed4
-b msg_count.0 PTR 0xc02c1ef4
-b bh_cachep PTR 0xc02c1ef8
-b max_buffer_heads PTR 0xc02c1efc
-B bio_split_pool PTR 0xc02c1f00
-b bio_slab PTR 0xc02c1f04
-b fs_bio_set PTR 0xc02c1f08
-b bio_dirty_list PTR 0xc02c1f0c
-b default_op.1 PTR 0xc02c1f10
-b unnamed_dev_idr PTR 0xc02c1f60
-B blockdev_superblock PTR 0xc02c1f88
-b bdev_cachep PTR 0xc02c1f8c
-b bd_mnt PTR 0xc02c1f90
-b cdev_map PTR 0xc02c1f94
-b chrdevs PTR 0xc02c1f98
-B core_uses_pid PTR 0xc02c2394
-b binfmt_lock PTR 0xc02c2398
-b formats PTR 0xc02c2398
-b pipe_mnt PTR 0xc02c239c
-b fasync_cache PTR 0xc02c23a0
-b fasync_lock PTR 0xc02c23a0
-b filelock_cache PTR 0xc02c23a4
-B names_cachep PTR 0xc02c23a8
-B filp_cachep PTR 0xc02c23ac
-b dentry_cache PTR 0xc02c23b0
-b d_hash_mask PTR 0xc02c23b4
-b d_hash_shift PTR 0xc02c23b8
-b dentry_hashtable PTR 0xc02c23bc
-B inodes_stat PTR 0xc02c23c0
-b empty_aops.0 PTR 0xc02c23dc
-b empty_iops.1 PTR 0xc02c240c
-b empty_fops.2 PTR 0xc02c245c
-b last_ino.4 PTR 0xc02c24c8
-b counter.3 PTR 0xc02c24cc
-b i_hash_mask PTR 0xc02c24d0
-b i_hash_shift PTR 0xc02c24d4
-b inode_hashtable PTR 0xc02c24d8
-b inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c24dc
-b file_systems PTR 0xc02c24e0
-b file_systems_lock PTR 0xc02c24e0
-b mount_hashtable PTR 0xc02c24e4
-b hash_mask PTR 0xc02c24e8
-b hash_bits PTR 0xc02c24ec
-b mnt_cache PTR 0xc02c24f0
-B aio_nr PTR 0xc02c24f4
-b kiocb_cachep PTR 0xc02c24f8
-b kioctx_cachep PTR 0xc02c24fc
-b aio_wq PTR 0xc02c2500
-b epsem PTR 0xc02c2504
-b psw PTR 0xc02c252c
-b epi_cache PTR 0xc02c254c
-b pwq_cache PTR 0xc02c2550
-b eventpoll_mnt PTR 0xc02c2554
-b mb_shrinker PTR 0xc02c2558
-b dn_cache PTR 0xc02c255c
-B proc_mnt PTR 0xc02c2560
-b proc_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c2564
-B proc_root_fs PTR 0xc02c2568
-B proc_net PTR 0xc02c256c
-B proc_net_stat PTR 0xc02c2570
-B proc_bus PTR 0xc02c2574
-B proc_root_driver PTR 0xc02c2578
-B proc_sys_root PTR 0xc02c257c
-b proc_tty_ldisc PTR 0xc02c2580
-b proc_tty_driver PTR 0xc02c2584
-B proc_root_kcore PTR 0xc02c2588
-b p.0 PTR 0xc02c258c
-b disc_numspace PTR 0xc02c2590
-b cdrom_numspace PTR 0xc02c25c4
-B sysfs_sb PTR 0xc02c25f8
-B sysfs_mount PTR 0xc02c25fc
-B sysfs_dir_cachep PTR 0xc02c2600
-b devpts_xattr_handlers PTR 0xc02c2604
-b devpts_file_inode_operations PTR 0xc02c2608
-b devpts_mnt PTR 0xc02c2658
-b devpts_root PTR 0xc02c265c
-b ext3_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c2660
-b ext3_xattr_cache PTR 0xc02c2664
-b revoke_record_cache PTR 0xc02c2668
-b revoke_table_cache PTR 0xc02c266c
-B jbd_handle_cache PTR 0xc02c2670
-B current_journal PTR 0xc02c2674
-b last_warning.6 PTR 0xc02c2678
-b journal_head_cache PTR 0xc02c267c
-b ext2_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c2680
-b ext2_xattr_cache PTR 0xc02c2684
-b boot_options PTR 0xc02c2688
-b root_entry PTR 0xc02c268c
-b devfsd_buf_cache PTR 0xc02c2690
-b tape_counter.0 PTR 0xc02c2694
-b sillycounter.0 PTR 0xc02c2698
-b nfs_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c269c
-b nfs_page_cachep PTR 0xc02c26a0
-B nfs_rdata_mempool PTR 0xc02c26a4
-b nfs_rdata_cachep PTR 0xc02c26a8
-b nfs_deletes PTR 0xc02c26ac
-B nfs_wdata_mempool PTR 0xc02c26b0
-b complain.0 PTR 0xc02c26b4
-b complain.1 PTR 0xc02c26b8
-b nfs_wdata_cachep PTR 0xc02c26bc
-b nfs_commit_mempool PTR 0xc02c26c0
-B zero_stateid PTR 0xc02c26c4
-B nfs_callback_tcpport PTR 0xc02c26d4
-b nfs_callback_info PTR 0xc02c26d8
-b nfs4_callback_stats PTR 0xc02c272c
-b nfs_direct_cachep PTR 0xc02c2750
-b nlm_blocked PTR 0xc02c2754
-b nlm_hosts PTR 0xc02c2758
-b next_gc PTR 0xc02c27d8
-b nrhosts PTR 0xc02c27dc
-B nlmsvc_ops PTR 0xc02c27e0
-B nlmsvc_grace_period PTR 0xc02c27e4
-B nlmsvc_timeout PTR 0xc02c27e8
-b warned.1 PTR 0xc02c27ec
-b warned.0 PTR 0xc02c27f0
-b nlmsvc_users PTR 0xc02c27f4
-b nlmsvc_pid PTR 0xc02c27f8
-b nlm_grace_period PTR 0xc02c27fc
-b nlm_udpport PTR 0xc02c2800
-b nlm_tcpport PTR 0xc02c2804
-b nlm_sysctl_table PTR 0xc02c2808
-b nlmsvc_stats PTR 0xc02c280c
-b nlm_blocked PTR 0xc02c2830
-b nlm_files PTR 0xc02c2834
-B nsm_local_state PTR 0xc02c28b4
-b nsm_stats PTR 0xc02c28b8
-b buf.0 PTR 0xc02c28e0
-b nlm_stats PTR 0xc02c2924
-B jfs_stop_threads PTR 0xc02c294c
-b commit_threads PTR 0xc02c2950
-b error_buf.0 PTR 0xc02c2954
-b jfs_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c2a54
-b jfsIOthread PTR 0xc02c2a58
-b jfsCommitThread PTR 0xc02c2a5c
-b jfsSyncThread PTR 0xc02c2b5c
-b metapage_cache PTR 0xc02c2b60
-b metapage_mempool PTR 0xc02c2b64
-b dummy_log PTR 0xc02c2b68
-b log_redrive_list PTR 0xc02c2b6c
-B TxBlock PTR 0xc02c2b70
-B TxLock PTR 0xc02c2b74
-B jfs_tlocks_low PTR 0xc02c2b78
-b TxAnchor PTR 0xc02c2b7c
-b TxLockLWM PTR 0xc02c2c18
-b TxLockHWM PTR 0xc02c2c1c
-b TxLockVHWM PTR 0xc02c2c20
-b jfs_commit_thread_waking PTR 0xc02c2c24
-b stattx PTR 0xc02c2c28
-b msg_hdrs PTR 0xc02c2c38
-b msg_bytes PTR 0xc02c2c3c
-b msg_ids PTR 0xc02c2c40
-b sem_ids PTR 0xc02c2c7c
-b used_sems PTR 0xc02c2cb8
-b shm_ids PTR 0xc02c2cbc
-b shm_tot PTR 0xc02c2cf8
-b idr_layer_cache PTR 0xc02c2cfc
-B hotplug_seqnum PTR 0xc02c2d00
-b null_hotplug_ops.0 PTR 0xc02c2d08
-b uevent_sock PTR 0xc02c2d14
-b index_bits_to_maxindex PTR 0xc02c2d18
-B per_cpu__radix_tree_preloads PTR 0xc02c2d98
-b height_to_maxindex PTR 0xc02c2db8
-b radix_tree_node_cachep PTR 0xc02c2dd4
-B registered_fb PTR 0xc02c2de0
-B num_registered_fb PTR 0xc02c2e60
-b fb_notifier_list PTR 0xc02c2e64
-b fb_logo PTR 0xc02c2e68
-b fb_class PTR 0xc02c2e7c
-b video_options PTR 0xc02c2e80
-b ofonly PTR 0xc02c2f00
-B global_mode_option PTR 0xc02c2f04
-b mem_class PTR 0xc02c2f20
-b per_cpu__trickle_count PTR 0xc02c2f40
-b last_value.1 PTR 0xc02c2f44
-b input_pool_data PTR 0xc02c2f48
-b blocking_pool_data PTR 0xc02c3148
-b nonblocking_pool_data PTR 0xc02c31c8
-b input_timer_state PTR 0xc02c3248
-b irq_timer_state PTR 0xc02c3258
-b min_write_thresh PTR 0xc02c3818
-b sysctl_bootid PTR 0xc02c381c
-b ip_keydata PTR 0xc02c3840
-b ip_cnt PTR 0xc02c38c0
-b tty_ldiscs PTR 0xc02c38e0
-b redirect PTR 0xc02c3da0
-b tty_class PTR 0xc02c3da4
-b tty_cdev PTR 0xc02c3da8
-b console_cdev PTR 0xc02c3df4
-b ptmx_cdev PTR 0xc02c3e40
-b vc0_cdev PTR 0xc02c3e8c
-B ptm_driver PTR 0xc02c3ed8
-b pty_limit_min PTR 0xc02c3edc
-b pts_driver PTR 0xc02c3ee0
-b pty_driver PTR 0xc02c3ee4
-b pty_slave_driver PTR 0xc02c3ee8
-b misc_minors PTR 0xc02c3eec
-b misc_class PTR 0xc02c3ef4
-b vt_dont_switch PTR 0xc02c3ef8
-b vc_class PTR 0xc02c3efc
-b inv_translate PTR 0xc02c3f00
-b dflt PTR 0xc02c3ffc
-B sel_cons PTR 0xc02c4000
-b sel_end PTR 0xc02c4004
-b sel_buffer_lth PTR 0xc02c4008
-b sel_buffer PTR 0xc02c400c
-B shift_state PTR 0xc02c4010
-B kbd_table PTR 0xc02c4014
-B spawnpid PTR 0xc02c420c
-B spawnsig PTR 0xc02c4210
-b kbd0 PTR 0xc02c4214
-b key_down PTR 0xc02c421c
-b shift_down PTR 0xc02c425c
-b dead_key_next PTR 0xc02c4268
-b diacr PTR 0xc02c426c
-b rep PTR 0xc02c426d
-b ledioctl PTR 0xc02c426e
-b ledptrs PTR 0xc02c4270
-b sysrq_down PTR 0xc02c4294
-b sysrq_alt PTR 0xc02c4298
-B fg_console PTR 0xc02c429c
-B last_console PTR 0xc02c42a0
-B kmsg_redirect PTR 0xc02c42a4
-B conswitchp PTR 0xc02c42a8
-B vc_cons PTR 0xc02c42ac
-B con_buf PTR 0xc02c43a8
-B console_blanked PTR 0xc02c53a8
-B do_poke_blanked_console PTR 0xc02c53ac
-B console_blank_hook PTR 0xc02c53b0
-B console_driver PTR 0xc02c53b4
-b p.14 PTR 0xc02c53b8
-b old.15 PTR 0xc02c53bc
-b oldx.16 PTR 0xc02c53be
-b oldy.17 PTR 0xc02c53c0
-b printing.0 PTR 0xc02c53c4
-b error.8 PTR 0xc02c53c8
-b con_driver_map PTR 0xc02c53cc
-b printable PTR 0xc02c54c8
-b ignore_poke PTR 0xc02c54cc
-b vesa_blank_mode PTR 0xc02c54d0
-b vesa_off_interval PTR 0xc02c54d4
-b master_display_fg PTR 0xc02c54d8
-b scrollback_delta PTR 0xc02c54dc
-b console_timer PTR 0xc02c54e0
-b blank_state PTR 0xc02c5514
-b blank_timer_expired PTR 0xc02c5518
-b softcursor_original PTR 0xc02c551c
-B funcbufleft PTR 0xc02c5520
-b serio_no.0 PTR 0xc02c5524
-b serio_pid PTR 0xc02c5528
-b irq_lists PTR 0xc02c552c
-b old_serial_port PTR 0xc02c552c
-b serial8250_ports PTR 0xc02c7d6c
-b serial8250_isa_devs PTR 0xc02c810c
-B platform_notify_remove PTR 0xc02c8110
-B platform_notify PTR 0xc02c8114
-b attribute_container_list PTR 0xc02c8118
-b chosen_elevator PTR 0xc02c8120
-B blk_max_low_pfn PTR 0xc02c8130
-B blk_max_pfn PTR 0xc02c8134
-b request_cachep PTR 0xc02c8138
-b requestq_cachep PTR 0xc02c813c
-b iocontext_cachep PTR 0xc02c8140
-b kblockd_workqueue PTR 0xc02c8144
-b major_names PTR 0xc02c8148
-b bdev_map PTR 0xc02c8544
-b rd_disks PTR 0xc02c8548
-b rd_bdev PTR 0xc02c8588
-b rd_queue PTR 0xc02c85c8
-b per_cpu__loopback_stats PTR 0xc02c8608
-b version_printed.7 PTR 0xc02c8664
-B scsi_logging_level PTR 0xc02c8668
-b per_cpu__scsi_done_q PTR 0xc02c866c
-b scsi_host_next_hn PTR 0xc02c8674
-b tur_command.2 PTR 0xc02c8678
-B blank_transport_template PTR 0xc02c8680
-b scsi_default_dev_flags PTR 0xc02c86fc
-b scsi_dev_flags PTR 0xc02c8700
-b scsi_table_header PTR 0xc02c8800
-b nousb PTR 0xc02c8804
-b usb_generic_driver_data PTR 0xc02c8808
-b old_scheme_first PTR 0xc02c880c
-b blinkenlights PTR 0xc02c8810
-b khubd_pid PTR 0xc02c8814
-b highspeed_hubs PTR 0xc02c8818
-b busmap PTR 0xc02c881c
-b usb_minors PTR 0xc02c8824
-b usb_class PTR 0xc02c8c24
-b usbfs_snoop PTR 0xc02c8c28
-b usbdir PTR 0xc02c8c2c
-b ignore_mount PTR 0xc02c8c30
-b usbfs_mount PTR 0xc02c8c34
-b usbfs_mount_count PTR 0xc02c8c38
-b devices_usbfs_dentry PTR 0xc02c8c3c
-b num_buses PTR 0xc02c8c40
-b devuid PTR 0xc02c8c44
-b busuid PTR 0xc02c8c48
-b listuid PTR 0xc02c8c4c
-b devgid PTR 0xc02c8c50
-b busgid PTR 0xc02c8c54
-b listgid PTR 0xc02c8c58
-b conndiscevcnt PTR 0xc02c8c5c
-b node_id PTR 0xc02c8c60
-B input_class PTR 0xc02c8c68
-b input_table PTR 0xc02c8c6c
-b proc_bus_input_dir PTR 0xc02c8c8c
-b input_devices_state PTR 0xc02c8c90
-b mousedev_table PTR 0xc02c8c94
-b mousedev_mix PTR 0xc02c8d14
-b psaux_registered PTR 0xc02c8dc8
-b per_cpu__sockets_in_use PTR 0xc02c8de0
-b br_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc02c8de4
-b warned.0 PTR 0xc02c8de8
-b net_families PTR 0xc02c8dec
-b sock_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02c8e6c
-b sock_mnt PTR 0xc02c8e70
-b vlan_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc02c8e74
-b dlci_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc02c8e78
-b proto_list_lock PTR 0xc02c8e80
-b warned.1 PTR 0xc02c8e80
-b warncomm.2 PTR 0xc02c8e84
-b skbuff_head_cache PTR 0xc02c8e94
-b elist PTR 0xc02c8e98
-b est_lock PTR 0xc02c8e98
-B flow_cache_genid PTR 0xc02c9000
-b per_cpu__flow_flush_tasklets PTR 0xc02c9004
-b per_cpu__flow_hash_info PTR 0xc02c9020
-b per_cpu__flow_tables PTR 0xc02c9040
-b flow_hash_shift PTR 0xc02c9044
-b flow_cachep PTR 0xc02c9048
-b flow_lwm PTR 0xc02c904c
-b flow_hwm PTR 0xc02c9050
-b flow_hash_rnd_timer PTR 0xc02c9054
-B per_cpu__netdev_rx_stat PTR 0xc02c90a0
-B per_cpu__softnet_data PTR 0xc02c90c8
-B dev_base_lock PTR 0xc02c936c
-B dev_base PTR 0xc02c9370
-B netdev_nit PTR 0xc02c9374
-b netstamp_needed PTR 0xc02c9378
-b ifindex.0 PTR 0xc02c937c
-b ptype_base PTR 0xc02c9380
-b ptype_all PTR 0xc02c9400
-b dev_name_head PTR 0xc02c9408
-b dev_index_head PTR 0xc02c9808
-b netdev_chain PTR 0xc02c9c08
-b dev_boot_setup PTR 0xc02c9c0c
-b gifconf_list PTR 0xc02c9d0c
-b dst_garbage_list PTR 0xc02c9d8c
-b dst_gc_timer_expires PTR 0xc02c9d90
-b neigh_tables PTR 0xc02c9d94
-b neigh_tbl_lock PTR 0xc02c9d94
-B rtnl PTR 0xc02c9d98
-B rtnetlink_links PTR 0xc02c9d9c
-b rta_buf PTR 0xc02c9e1c
-b rtattr_max PTR 0xc02c9e20
-b per_cpu__net_rand_state PTR 0xc02c9e24
-b linkwatch_flags PTR 0xc02c9e30
-b linkwatch_nextevent PTR 0xc02c9e34
-b singleevent PTR 0xc02c9e38
-B ether_table PTR 0xc02c9e44
-B tr_table PTR 0xc02c9e70
-B qdisc_tree_lock PTR 0xc02c9e9c
-b nl_table_users PTR 0xc02c9ea0
-b nl_table PTR 0xc02c9ea4
-b nl_table_lock PTR 0xc02c9ea4
-b netlink_chain PTR 0xc02c9ea8
-B rt_cache_stat PTR 0xc02c9eac
-b rover.5 PTR 0xc02c9eb0
-b last_gc.2 PTR 0xc02c9eb4
-b rover.3 PTR 0xc02c9eb8
-b equilibrium.4 PTR 0xc02c9ebc
-b ip_fallback_id.7 PTR 0xc02c9ec0
-b ip_rt_max_size PTR 0xc02c9ec4
-b rt_deadline PTR 0xc02c9ec8
-b rt_flush_timer PTR 0xc02c9ecc
-b rt_periodic_timer PTR 0xc02c9f00
-b rt_secret_timer PTR 0xc02c9f34
-b rt_hash_table PTR 0xc02c9f68
-b rt_hash_mask PTR 0xc02c9f6c
-b rt_hash_log PTR 0xc02c9f70
-b rt_hash_rnd PTR 0xc02c9f74
-b flush_delay PTR 0xc02c9f78
-b peer_cachep PTR 0xc02c9f7c
-b peer_pool_lock PTR 0xc02c9f7c
-b peer_total PTR 0xc02c9f80
-b inet_peer_unused_head PTR 0xc02c9f84
-B inet_protos PTR 0xc02c9f88
-B ip_statistics PTR 0xc02ca388
-B ip_frag_mem PTR 0xc02ca390
-B ip_frag_nqueues PTR 0xc02ca394
-b ipfrag_lock PTR 0xc02ca398
-b ipq_hash PTR 0xc02ca398
-b ipfrag_hash_rnd PTR 0xc02ca498
-b ipfrag_secret_timer PTR 0xc02ca49c
-B sysctl_ip_dynaddr PTR 0xc02ca4d0
-B ip_ra_lock PTR 0xc02ca4d4
-B ip_ra_chain PTR 0xc02ca4d8
-B tcp_orphan_count PTR 0xc02ca4dc
-B tcp_bucket_cachep PTR 0xc02ca4e0
-B tcp_timewait_cachep PTR 0xc02ca4e4
-B sysctl_tcp_mem PTR 0xc02ca4e8
-B tcp_memory_allocated PTR 0xc02ca4f4
-B tcp_sockets_allocated PTR 0xc02ca4f8
-B tcp_memory_pressure PTR 0xc02ca4fc
-B tcp_openreq_cachep PTR 0xc02ca500
-B tcp_statistics PTR 0xc02ca504
-B sysctl_tcp_stdurg PTR 0xc02ca50c
-B sysctl_tcp_rfc1337 PTR 0xc02ca510
-B sysctl_tcp_ecn PTR 0xc02ca514
-B sysctl_tcp_frto PTR 0xc02ca518
-B sysctl_tcp_westwood PTR 0xc02ca51c
-B sysctl_tcp_vegas_cong_avoid PTR 0xc02ca520
-B sysctl_tcp_nometrics_save PTR 0xc02ca524
-B sysctl_tcp_orphan_retries PTR 0xc02ca528
-B sysctl_tcp_tw_reuse PTR 0xc02ca52c
-B sysctl_tcp_low_latency PTR 0xc02ca530
-b hint.2 PTR 0xc02ca534
-b warntime.1 PTR 0xc02ca538
-b tcp_socket PTR 0xc02ca53c
-b tcp4_seq_fops PTR 0xc02ca540
-B sysctl_tcp_syncookies PTR 0xc02ca5ac
-B tcp_tw_count PTR 0xc02ca5b0
-B sysctl_tcp_tw_recycle PTR 0xc02ca5b4
-B sysctl_tcp_abort_on_overflow PTR 0xc02ca5b8
-b tcp_tw_death_row_slot PTR 0xc02ca5bc
-b tcp_tw_death_row PTR 0xc02ca5c0
-b twkill_thread_slots PTR 0xc02ca5e0
-b tcp_twcal_jiffie PTR 0xc02ca5e4
-b tcp_twcal_row PTR 0xc02ca5e8
-B raw_v4_lock PTR 0xc02ca668
-B raw_v4_htable PTR 0xc02ca66c
-b complained.2 PTR 0xc02caa6c
-B udp_hash_lock PTR 0xc02caa70
-B udp_hash PTR 0xc02caa74
-B udp_port_rover PTR 0xc02cac74
-B udp_statistics PTR 0xc02cac78
-b udp4_seq_fops PTR 0xc02cac80
-B icmp_statistics PTR 0xc02cacec
-B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_all PTR 0xc02cacf4
-B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts PTR 0xc02cacf8
-B sysctl_icmp_ignore_bogus_error_responses PTR 0xc02cacfc
-b per_cpu____icmp_socket PTR 0xc02cad00
-b inetaddr_chain PTR 0xc02cad04
-B net_statistics PTR 0xc02cad08
-B sysctl_ip_nonlocal_bind PTR 0xc02cad10
-b inetsw PTR 0xc02cad14
-B ipv4_config PTR 0xc02cad6c
-B fib_tables PTR 0xc02cad78
-b fib_info_hash PTR 0xc02cb178
-b fib_info_lock PTR 0xc02cb178
-b fib_info_laddrhash PTR 0xc02cb17c
-b fib_hash_size PTR 0xc02cb180
-b fib_info_cnt PTR 0xc02cb184
-b fib_info_devhash PTR 0xc02cb188
-b fib_hash_lock PTR 0xc02cb588
-b fn_hash_kmem PTR 0xc02cb588
-b fn_alias_kmem PTR 0xc02cb58c
-b fib_hash_genid PTR 0xc02cb590
-b fib_rules_lock PTR 0xc02cb594
-b syncookie_secret PTR 0xc02cb594
-b clntid.4 PTR 0xc02cb624
-b rpc_task_id PTR 0xc02cb628
-b rpc_task_slabp PTR 0xc02cb62c
-b rpc_buffer_slabp PTR 0xc02cb630
-b rpc_task_mempool PTR 0xc02cb634
-b rpc_buffer_mempool PTR 0xc02cb638
-b rpciod_users PTR 0xc02cb63c
-b rpciod_workqueue PTR 0xc02cb640
-b auth_domain_table PTR 0xc02cb644
-b ip_table PTR 0xc02cb744
-b pmap_stats PTR 0xc02cbb44
-b empty_iov PTR 0xc02cbb6c
-b current_detail PTR 0xc02cbb74
-b current_index PTR 0xc02cbb78
-b cache_defer_hash PTR 0xc02cbb7c
-b cache_defer_cnt PTR 0xc02ccb7c
-b write_buf PTR 0xc02ccb80
-b rpc_mount PTR 0xc02ceb80
-b rpc_mount_count PTR 0xc02ceb84
-b rpc_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02ceb88
-B proc_net_rpc PTR 0xc02ceb8c
-B rpc_debug PTR 0xc02ceb90
-B nfs_debug PTR 0xc02ceb94
-B nfsd_debug PTR 0xc02ceb98
-B nlm_debug PTR 0xc02ceb9c
-b sunrpc_table_header PTR 0xc02ceba0
-b gss_ctx_lock PTR 0xc02ceba4
-b ratelimit.1 PTR 0xc02ceba4
-b rsi_table PTR 0xc02ceba8
-b rsc_table PTR 0xc02ceca8
-B _end PTR 0xc02cfca8
+B __bss_start PTR 0xc02e8a00
+D _edata PTR 0xc02e8a00
+B system_state PTR 0xc02e8a00
+B saved_command_line PTR 0xc02e8a04
+B late_time_init PTR 0xc02e8e04
+b execute_command PTR 0xc02e8e08
+b panic_later PTR 0xc02e8e0c
+b panic_param PTR 0xc02e8e10
+B Version_132620 PTR 0xc02e8e14
+B ROOT_DEV PTR 0xc02e8e18
+b inbuf PTR 0xc02e8e1c
+b window PTR 0xc02e8e20
+b insize PTR 0xc02e8e24
+b inptr PTR 0xc02e8e28
+b outcnt PTR 0xc02e8e2c
+b exit_code PTR 0xc02e8e30
+b unzip_error PTR 0xc02e8e34
+b bytes_out PTR 0xc02e8e38
+b crd_infd PTR 0xc02e8e3c
+b crd_outfd PTR 0xc02e8e40
+b bb PTR 0xc02e8e44
+b bk PTR 0xc02e8e48
+b hufts PTR 0xc02e8e4c
+b crc_32_tab PTR 0xc02e8e50
+b crc PTR 0xc02e9250
+B initrd_below_start_ok PTR 0xc02e9254
+B initrd_start PTR 0xc02e9258
+B initrd_end PTR 0xc02e925c
+B real_root_dev PTR 0xc02e9260
+b inbuf PTR 0xc02e9264
+b window PTR 0xc02e9268
+b insize PTR 0xc02e926c
+b inptr PTR 0xc02e9270
+b outcnt PTR 0xc02e9274
+b bytes_out PTR 0xc02e9278
+b bb PTR 0xc02e927c
+b bk PTR 0xc02e9280
+b hufts PTR 0xc02e9284
+b crc_32_tab PTR 0xc02e9288
+b crc PTR 0xc02e9688
+b preset_lpj PTR 0xc02e968c
+B omap_bootloader_tag_len PTR 0xc02e9690
+B vram_size PTR 0xc02e9694
+B omap_bootloader_tag PTR 0xc02e9698
+B irq_desc PTR 0xc02e9898
+b noirqdebug PTR 0xc02ee358
+b irq_err_count PTR 0xc02ee35c
+B pm_idle PTR 0xc02ee360
+B pm_power_off PTR 0xc02ee364
+b hlt_counter PTR 0xc02ee368
+b thread_info_head PTR 0xc02ee36c
+b nr_thread_info PTR 0xc02ee370
+B system_rev PTR 0xc02ee374
+B system_serial_low PTR 0xc02ee378
+B system_serial_high PTR 0xc02ee37c
+B cpu_user PTR 0xc02ee380
+B elf_hwcap PTR 0xc02ee388
+B elf_platform PTR 0xc02ee38c
+B per_cpu__cpu_data PTR 0xc02ee394
+B __machine_arch_type PTR 0xc02ee3d8
+B cpu_cache PTR 0xc02ee3dc
+B fpe_type PTR 0xc02ee400
+B processor_id PTR 0xc02ee408
+b cpu_name PTR 0xc02ee40c
+b machine_name PTR 0xc02ee410
+b command_line PTR 0xc02ee414
+B system_timer PTR 0xc02ee814
+B set_rtc PTR 0xc02ee818
+b next_rtc_update PTR 0xc02ee81c
+b die_counter.0 PTR 0xc02ee820
+b consistent_pte PTR 0xc02ee824
+B empty_zero_page PTR 0xc02ee828
+B per_cpu__mmu_gathers PTR 0xc02ee82c
+b keep_initrd PTR 0xc02ee840
+B pgprot_kernel PTR 0xc02ee844
+b ai_user PTR 0xc02ee848
+b ai_sys PTR 0xc02ee84c
+b ai_skipped PTR 0xc02ee850
+b ai_half PTR 0xc02ee854
+b ai_word PTR 0xc02ee858
+b ai_multi PTR 0xc02ee85c
+b ai_usermode PTR 0xc02ee860
+B vipt_cache_aliasing PTR 0xc02ee864
+b map_pte PTR 0xc02ee868
+b from_pte PTR 0xc02ee86c
+b to_pte PTR 0xc02ee870
+b rtc_async_queue PTR 0xc02ee874
+b rtc_irq_data PTR 0xc02ee878
+b rtc_inuse PTR 0xc02ee87c
+b rtc_ops PTR 0xc02ee880
+B omap_board_config_size PTR 0xc02ee884
+B omap_board_config PTR 0xc02ee888
+b speed.0 PTR 0xc02ee88c
+b opt.1 PTR 0xc02ee898
+b enable_1510_mode PTR 0xc02ee89c
+b dma_chan_count PTR 0xc02ee8a0
+b dma_chan_lock PTR 0xc02ee8a4
+b dma_chan PTR 0xc02ee8bc
+b lcd_dma PTR 0xc02eea98
+b rate_table PTR 0xc02eeaf4
+b initialized PTR 0xc02eeb04
+b gpio_ck PTR 0xc02eeb08
+b gpio_bank PTR 0xc02eeb0c
+b gpio_bank_count PTR 0xc02eeb10
+b mcbsp_dspxor_ck PTR 0xc02eeb14
+b mcbsp_api_ck PTR 0xc02eeb18
+b mcbsp_dsp_ck PTR 0xc02eeb1c
+b mcbsp_info.0 PTR 0xc02eeb20
+b mcbsp PTR 0xc02eeb24
+b platform_data PTR 0xc02eed7c
+B dsp_runstat PTR 0xc02eed84
+b h4_config PTR 0xc02eed84
+B dsp_ck_handle PTR 0xc02eed88
+B api_ck_handle PTR 0xc02eed8c
+B dspmem_base PTR 0xc02eed90
+B dspmem_size PTR 0xc02eed94
+b init_done PTR 0xc02eed98
+b orig_fp_enter PTR 0xc02eed9c
+b orig_fp_init PTR 0xc02eeda0
+B float_detect_tininess PTR 0xc02eeda4
+B float_rounding_mode PTR 0xc02eeda5
+B float_exception_flags PTR 0xc02eeda6
+B nohz_cpu_mask PTR 0xc02eedc0
+B cpu_present_map PTR 0xc02eedc4
+B per_cpu__kstat PTR 0xc02eedc8
+b prev_jiffy.0 PTR 0xc02ef3c8
+b per_cpu__runqueues PTR 0xc02ef3cc
+B per_cpu__process_counts PTR 0xc02efd0c
+B vm_area_cachep PTR 0xc02efd10
+B files_cachep PTR 0xc02efd14
+B fs_cachep PTR 0xc02efd18
+B signal_cachep PTR 0xc02efd1c
+B sighand_cachep PTR 0xc02efd20
+B total_forks PTR 0xc02efd24
+B nr_threads PTR 0xc02efd28
+B max_threads PTR 0xc02efd2c
+b task_struct_cachep PTR 0xc02efd30
+b mm_cachep PTR 0xc02efd34
+b exec_domains_lock PTR 0xc02efd38
+B panic_notifier_list PTR 0xc02efd38
+B panic_blink PTR 0xc02efd3c
+B panic_timeout PTR 0xc02efd40
+B panic_on_oops PTR 0xc02efd44
+B tainted PTR 0xc02efd48
+b buf.1 PTR 0xc02efd4c
+b buf.0 PTR 0xc02f014c
+B oops_in_progress PTR 0xc02f0160
+B console_drivers PTR 0xc02f0164
+b printk_buf.5 PTR 0xc02f0168
+b oops_timestamp.7 PTR 0xc02f0568
+b last_msg.2 PTR 0xc02f056c
+b missed.3 PTR 0xc02f0570
+b console_locked PTR 0xc02f0574
+b log_start PTR 0xc02f0578
+b con_start PTR 0xc02f057c
+b log_end PTR 0xc02f0580
+b console_cmdline PTR 0xc02f0584
+b console_may_schedule PTR 0xc02f0604
+b __log_buf PTR 0xc02f0608
+b logged_chars PTR 0xc02f8608
+B timer_hook PTR 0xc02f860c
+b prof_buffer PTR 0xc02f8610
+b prof_len PTR 0xc02f8614
+b prof_shift PTR 0xc02f8618
+b prof_on PTR 0xc02f861c
+B pps_offset PTR 0xc02f8620
+B pps_freq PTR 0xc02f8624
+B pps_jitcnt PTR 0xc02f8628
+B pps_calcnt PTR 0xc02f862c
+B pps_errcnt PTR 0xc02f8630
+B pps_stbcnt PTR 0xc02f8634
+B sys_tz PTR 0xc02f8638
+B hardpps_ptr PTR 0xc02f8640
+B irq_stat PTR 0xc02f8660
+b per_cpu__tasklet_hi_vec PTR 0xc02f8680
+b per_cpu__tasklet_vec PTR 0xc02f8684
+b softirq_vec PTR 0xc02f8688
+b per_cpu__ksoftirqd PTR 0xc02f8788
+b reserved.0 PTR 0xc02f87a0
+b resource_lock PTR 0xc02f87a0
+b reserve.1 PTR 0xc02f87a4
+b dev_table PTR 0xc02f8814
+b debug_table PTR 0xc02f8840
+b proc_table PTR 0xc02f886c
+b minolduid PTR 0xc02f8898
+b zero PTR 0xc02f889c
+B securebits PTR 0xc02f88a0
+B time_freq PTR 0xc02f88b0
+B time_state PTR 0xc02f88b4
+B xtime PTR 0xc02f88c0
+B wall_to_monotonic PTR 0xc02f88d0
+B time_offset PTR 0xc02f88d8
+B time_reftime PTR 0xc02f88dc
+B time_adjust PTR 0xc02f88e0
+B time_next_adjust PTR 0xc02f88e4
+B avenrun PTR 0xc02f88e8
+b whine_count.1 PTR 0xc02f88f4
+b time_phase PTR 0xc02f88f8
+b time_adj PTR 0xc02f88fc
+b uid_cachep PTR 0xc02f8900
+b uidhash_table PTR 0xc02f8904
+b sigqueue_cachep PTR 0xc02f9104
+b notifier_lock PTR 0xc02f9108
+b reboot_notifier_list PTR 0xc02f9108
+b kmod_concurrent.1 PTR 0xc02f910c
+b kmod_loop_msg.2 PTR 0xc02f9110
+b khelper_wq PTR 0xc02f9114
+b keventd_wq PTR 0xc02f9118
+B last_pid PTR 0xc02f911c
+b pid_hash PTR 0xc02f9120
+b pidhash_shift PTR 0xc02f9130
+B per_cpu__rcu_bh_data PTR 0xc02f9134
+B per_cpu__rcu_data PTR 0xc02f9160
+b per_cpu__rcu_tasklet PTR 0xc02f918c
+b kmalloc_failed PTR 0xc02f91a0
+b posix_timers_cache PTR 0xc02f91a4
+b posix_timers_id PTR 0xc02f91a8
+b posix_clocks PTR 0xc02f91d0
+b helper_wq PTR 0xc02f9450
+b kthread_stop_info PTR 0xc02f9454
+b zero_it.0 PTR 0xc02f9480
+b futex_queues PTR 0xc02f9490
+b futex_mnt PTR 0xc02fb490
+b module_notify_list PTR 0xc02fb494
+B max_low_pfn PTR 0xc02fb498
+B min_low_pfn PTR 0xc02fb49c
+B max_pfn PTR 0xc02fb4a0
+B nr_pagecache PTR 0xc02fb4a4
+B pgdat_list PTR 0xc02fb4a8
+B zone_table PTR 0xc02fb4ac
+B totalram_pages PTR 0xc02fb4bc
+B totalhigh_pages PTR 0xc02fb4c0
+B nr_swap_pages PTR 0xc02fb4c4
+b per_cpu__page_states PTR 0xc02fb4c8
+b contig_bootmem_data PTR 0xc02fb560
+B block_dump PTR 0xc02fb578
+B laptop_mode PTR 0xc02fb57c
+b per_cpu__ratelimits.0 PTR 0xc02fb580
+b total_pages PTR 0xc02fb584
+b dirty_exceeded PTR 0xc02fb588
+B nr_pdflush_threads PTR 0xc02fb58c
+b last_empty_jifs PTR 0xc02fb590
+B slab_reclaim_pages PTR 0xc02fb594
+b slab_break_gfp_order PTR 0xc02fb598
+b offslab_limit PTR 0xc02fb59c
+b cache_chain_sem PTR 0xc02fb5a0
+b cache_chain PTR 0xc02fb5c8
+b g_cpucache_up PTR 0xc02fb5d0
+b per_cpu__reap_work PTR 0xc02fb5d4
+B page_cluster PTR 0xc02fb620
+b per_cpu__lru_add_active_pvecs PTR 0xc02fb624
+b per_cpu__lru_add_pvecs PTR 0xc02fb664
+b total_memory PTR 0xc02fb6a4
+b page_pool PTR 0xc02fb6a8
+b isa_page_pool PTR 0xc02fb6ac
+B max_mapnr PTR 0xc02fb6b0
+B num_physpages PTR 0xc02fb6b4
+B high_memory PTR 0xc02fb6b8
+B vmalloc_earlyreserve PTR 0xc02fb6bc
+B mem_map PTR 0xc02fb6c0
+B vm_committed_space PTR 0xc02fb6c4
+B sysctl_overcommit_memory PTR 0xc02fb6c8
+B anon_vma_cachep PTR 0xc02fb6cc
+B vmlist_lock PTR 0xc02fb6d0
+B vmlist PTR 0xc02fb6d4
+b swap_cache_info PTR 0xc02fb6d8
+B total_swap_pages PTR 0xc02fb6f0
+B nr_swapfiles PTR 0xc02fb6f4
+B swap_info PTR 0xc02fb6f8
+b least_priority.0 PTR 0xc02fc2f8
+b swap_overflow PTR 0xc02fc2fc
+B swap_token_default_timeout PTR 0xc02fc300
+b swap_token_timeout PTR 0xc02fc304
+b swap_token_check PTR 0xc02fc308
+b shmem_special_inode_operations PTR 0xc02fc30c
+b shmem_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fc35c
+b shm_mnt PTR 0xc02fc360
+b old_max.0 PTR 0xc02fc364
+B buffer_heads_over_limit PTR 0xc02fc368
+b per_cpu__bh_accounting PTR 0xc02fc36c
+b per_cpu__bh_lrus PTR 0xc02fc374
+b msg_count.0 PTR 0xc02fc394
+b bh_cachep PTR 0xc02fc398
+b max_buffer_heads PTR 0xc02fc39c
+B bio_split_pool PTR 0xc02fc3a0
+b bio_slab PTR 0xc02fc3a4
+b fs_bio_set PTR 0xc02fc3a8
+b bio_dirty_list PTR 0xc02fc3ac
+b default_op.1 PTR 0xc02fc3b0
+b unnamed_dev_idr PTR 0xc02fc400
+B blockdev_superblock PTR 0xc02fc428
+b bdev_cachep PTR 0xc02fc42c
+b bd_mnt PTR 0xc02fc430
+b cdev_map PTR 0xc02fc434
+b chrdevs PTR 0xc02fc438
+B core_uses_pid PTR 0xc02fc834
+b binfmt_lock PTR 0xc02fc838
+b formats PTR 0xc02fc838
+b pipe_mnt PTR 0xc02fc83c
+b fasync_cache PTR 0xc02fc840
+b fasync_lock PTR 0xc02fc840
+b filelock_cache PTR 0xc02fc844
+B names_cachep PTR 0xc02fc848
+B filp_cachep PTR 0xc02fc84c
+b dentry_cache PTR 0xc02fc850
+b d_hash_mask PTR 0xc02fc854
+b d_hash_shift PTR 0xc02fc858
+b dentry_hashtable PTR 0xc02fc85c
+B inodes_stat PTR 0xc02fc860
+b empty_aops.0 PTR 0xc02fc87c
+b empty_iops.1 PTR 0xc02fc8ac
+b empty_fops.2 PTR 0xc02fc8fc
+b last_ino.4 PTR 0xc02fc968
+b counter.3 PTR 0xc02fc96c
+b i_hash_mask PTR 0xc02fc970
+b i_hash_shift PTR 0xc02fc974
+b inode_hashtable PTR 0xc02fc978
+b inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fc97c
+b file_systems PTR 0xc02fc980
+b file_systems_lock PTR 0xc02fc980
+b mount_hashtable PTR 0xc02fc984
+b hash_mask PTR 0xc02fc988
+b hash_bits PTR 0xc02fc98c
+b mnt_cache PTR 0xc02fc990
+B aio_nr PTR 0xc02fc994
+b kiocb_cachep PTR 0xc02fc998
+b kioctx_cachep PTR 0xc02fc99c
+b aio_wq PTR 0xc02fc9a0
+b epsem PTR 0xc02fc9a4
+b psw PTR 0xc02fc9cc
+b epi_cache PTR 0xc02fc9ec
+b pwq_cache PTR 0xc02fc9f0
+b eventpoll_mnt PTR 0xc02fc9f4
+b mb_shrinker PTR 0xc02fc9f8
+b dn_cache PTR 0xc02fc9fc
+B proc_mnt PTR 0xc02fca00
+b proc_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fca04
+B proc_root_fs PTR 0xc02fca08
+B proc_net PTR 0xc02fca0c
+B proc_net_stat PTR 0xc02fca10
+B proc_bus PTR 0xc02fca14
+B proc_root_driver PTR 0xc02fca18
+B proc_sys_root PTR 0xc02fca1c
+b proc_tty_ldisc PTR 0xc02fca20
+b proc_tty_driver PTR 0xc02fca24
+B proc_root_kcore PTR 0xc02fca28
+b p.0 PTR 0xc02fca2c
+b disc_numspace PTR 0xc02fca30
+b cdrom_numspace PTR 0xc02fca64
+B sysfs_sb PTR 0xc02fca98
+B sysfs_mount PTR 0xc02fca9c
+B sysfs_dir_cachep PTR 0xc02fcaa0
+b devpts_xattr_handlers PTR 0xc02fcaa4
+b devpts_file_inode_operations PTR 0xc02fcaa8
+b devpts_mnt PTR 0xc02fcaf8
+b devpts_root PTR 0xc02fcafc
+b ext3_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb00
+b ext3_xattr_cache PTR 0xc02fcb04
+b revoke_record_cache PTR 0xc02fcb08
+b revoke_table_cache PTR 0xc02fcb0c
+B jbd_handle_cache PTR 0xc02fcb10
+B current_journal PTR 0xc02fcb14
+b last_warning.6 PTR 0xc02fcb18
+b journal_head_cache PTR 0xc02fcb1c
+b ext2_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb20
+b ext2_xattr_cache PTR 0xc02fcb24
+b boot_options PTR 0xc02fcb28
+b root_entry PTR 0xc02fcb2c
+b devfsd_buf_cache PTR 0xc02fcb30
+b tape_counter.0 PTR 0xc02fcb34
+b sillycounter.0 PTR 0xc02fcb38
+b nfs_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb3c
+b nfs_page_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb40
+B nfs_rdata_mempool PTR 0xc02fcb44
+b nfs_rdata_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb48
+b nfs_deletes PTR 0xc02fcb4c
+B nfs_wdata_mempool PTR 0xc02fcb50
+b complain.0 PTR 0xc02fcb54
+b complain.1 PTR 0xc02fcb58
+b nfs_wdata_cachep PTR 0xc02fcb5c
+b nfs_commit_mempool PTR 0xc02fcb60
+B zero_stateid PTR 0xc02fcb64
+B nfs_callback_tcpport PTR 0xc02fcb74
+b nfs_callback_info PTR 0xc02fcb78
+b nfs4_callback_stats PTR 0xc02fcbcc
+b nfs_direct_cachep PTR 0xc02fcbf0
+b nlm_blocked PTR 0xc02fcbf4
+b nlm_hosts PTR 0xc02fcbf8
+b next_gc PTR 0xc02fcc78
+b nrhosts PTR 0xc02fcc7c
+B nlmsvc_ops PTR 0xc02fcc80
+B nlmsvc_grace_period PTR 0xc02fcc84
+B nlmsvc_timeout PTR 0xc02fcc88
+b warned.1 PTR 0xc02fcc8c
+b warned.0 PTR 0xc02fcc90
+b nlmsvc_users PTR 0xc02fcc94
+b nlmsvc_pid PTR 0xc02fcc98
+b nlm_grace_period PTR 0xc02fcc9c
+b nlm_udpport PTR 0xc02fcca0
+b nlm_tcpport PTR 0xc02fcca4
+b nlm_sysctl_table PTR 0xc02fcca8
+b nlmsvc_stats PTR 0xc02fccac
+b nlm_blocked PTR 0xc02fccd0
+b nlm_files PTR 0xc02fccd4
+B nsm_local_state PTR 0xc02fcd54
+b nsm_stats PTR 0xc02fcd58
+b buf.0 PTR 0xc02fcd80
+b nlm_stats PTR 0xc02fcdc4
+B jfs_stop_threads PTR 0xc02fcdec
+b commit_threads PTR 0xc02fcdf0
+b error_buf.0 PTR 0xc02fcdf4
+b jfs_inode_cachep PTR 0xc02fcef4
+b jfsIOthread PTR 0xc02fcef8
+b jfsCommitThread PTR 0xc02fcefc
+b jfsSyncThread PTR 0xc02fcffc
+b metapage_cache PTR 0xc02fd000
+b metapage_mempool PTR 0xc02fd004
+b dummy_log PTR 0xc02fd008
+b log_redrive_list PTR 0xc02fd00c
+B TxBlock PTR 0xc02fd010
+B TxLock PTR 0xc02fd014
+B jfs_tlocks_low PTR 0xc02fd018
+b TxAnchor PTR 0xc02fd01c
+b TxLockLWM PTR 0xc02fd0b8
+b TxLockHWM PTR 0xc02fd0bc
+b TxLockVHWM PTR 0xc02fd0c0
+b jfs_commit_thread_waking PTR 0xc02fd0c4
+b stattx PTR 0xc02fd0c8
+b msg_hdrs PTR 0xc02fd0d8
+b msg_bytes PTR 0xc02fd0dc
+b msg_ids PTR 0xc02fd0e0
+b sem_ids PTR 0xc02fd11c
+b used_sems PTR 0xc02fd158
+b shm_ids PTR 0xc02fd15c
+b shm_tot PTR 0xc02fd198
+b idr_layer_cache PTR 0xc02fd19c
+B hotplug_seqnum PTR 0xc02fd1a0
+b null_hotplug_ops.0 PTR 0xc02fd1a8
+b uevent_sock PTR 0xc02fd1b4
+b index_bits_to_maxindex PTR 0xc02fd1b8
+B per_cpu__radix_tree_preloads PTR 0xc02fd238
+b height_to_maxindex PTR 0xc02fd258
+b radix_tree_node_cachep PTR 0xc02fd274
+B registered_fb PTR 0xc02fd280
+B num_registered_fb PTR 0xc02fd300
+b fb_notifier_list PTR 0xc02fd304
+b fb_logo PTR 0xc02fd308
+b fb_class PTR 0xc02fd31c
+b video_options PTR 0xc02fd320
+b ofonly PTR 0xc02fd3a0
+B global_mode_option PTR 0xc02fd3a4
+b mem_class PTR 0xc02fd3c0
+b per_cpu__trickle_count PTR 0xc02fd3e0
+b last_value.1 PTR 0xc02fd3e4
+b input_pool_data PTR 0xc02fd3e8
+b blocking_pool_data PTR 0xc02fd5e8
+b nonblocking_pool_data PTR 0xc02fd668
+b input_timer_state PTR 0xc02fd6e8
+b irq_timer_state PTR 0xc02fd6f8
+b min_write_thresh PTR 0xc02fdcb8
+b sysctl_bootid PTR 0xc02fdcbc
+b ip_keydata PTR 0xc02fdce0
+b ip_cnt PTR 0xc02fdd60
+b tty_ldiscs PTR 0xc02fdd80
+b redirect PTR 0xc02fe240
+b tty_class PTR 0xc02fe244
+b tty_cdev PTR 0xc02fe248
+b console_cdev PTR 0xc02fe294
+b ptmx_cdev PTR 0xc02fe2e0
+b vc0_cdev PTR 0xc02fe32c
+B ptm_driver PTR 0xc02fe378
+b pty_limit_min PTR 0xc02fe37c
+b pts_driver PTR 0xc02fe380
+b pty_driver PTR 0xc02fe384
+b pty_slave_driver PTR 0xc02fe388
+b misc_minors PTR 0xc02fe38c
+b misc_class PTR 0xc02fe394
+b vt_dont_switch PTR 0xc02fe398
+b vc_class PTR 0xc02fe39c
+b inv_translate PTR 0xc02fe3a0
+b dflt PTR 0xc02fe49c
+B sel_cons PTR 0xc02fe4a0
+b sel_end PTR 0xc02fe4a4
+b sel_buffer_lth PTR 0xc02fe4a8
+b sel_buffer PTR 0xc02fe4ac
+B shift_state PTR 0xc02fe4b0
+B kbd_table PTR 0xc02fe4b4
+B spawnpid PTR 0xc02fe6ac
+B spawnsig PTR 0xc02fe6b0
+b kbd0 PTR 0xc02fe6b4
+b key_down PTR 0xc02fe6bc
+b shift_down PTR 0xc02fe6fc
+b dead_key_next PTR 0xc02fe708
+b diacr PTR 0xc02fe70c
+b rep PTR 0xc02fe70d
+b ledioctl PTR 0xc02fe70e
+b ledptrs PTR 0xc02fe710
+b sysrq_down PTR 0xc02fe734
+b sysrq_alt PTR 0xc02fe738
+B fg_console PTR 0xc02fe73c
+B last_console PTR 0xc02fe740
+B kmsg_redirect PTR 0xc02fe744
+B conswitchp PTR 0xc02fe748
+B vc_cons PTR 0xc02fe74c
+B con_buf PTR 0xc02fe848
+B console_blanked PTR 0xc02ff848
+B do_poke_blanked_console PTR 0xc02ff84c
+B console_blank_hook PTR 0xc02ff850
+B console_driver PTR 0xc02ff854
+b p.14 PTR 0xc02ff858
+b old.15 PTR 0xc02ff85c
+b oldx.16 PTR 0xc02ff85e
+b oldy.17 PTR 0xc02ff860
+b printing.0 PTR 0xc02ff864
+b error.8 PTR 0xc02ff868
+b con_driver_map PTR 0xc02ff86c
+b printable PTR 0xc02ff968
+b ignore_poke PTR 0xc02ff96c
+b vesa_blank_mode PTR 0xc02ff970
+b vesa_off_interval PTR 0xc02ff974
+b master_display_fg PTR 0xc02ff978
+b scrollback_delta PTR 0xc02ff97c
+b console_timer PTR 0xc02ff980
+b blank_state PTR 0xc02ff9b4
+b blank_timer_expired PTR 0xc02ff9b8
+b softcursor_original PTR 0xc02ff9bc
+B funcbufleft PTR 0xc02ff9c0
+b serio_no.0 PTR 0xc02ff9c4
+b serio_pid PTR 0xc02ff9c8
+b irq_lists PTR 0xc02ff9cc
+b old_serial_port PTR 0xc02ff9cc
+b serial8250_ports PTR 0xc030220c
+b serial8250_isa_devs PTR 0xc03025ac
+B platform_notify_remove PTR 0xc03025b0
+B platform_notify PTR 0xc03025b4
+b attribute_container_list PTR 0xc03025b8
+b chosen_elevator PTR 0xc03025c0
+B blk_max_low_pfn PTR 0xc03025d0
+B blk_max_pfn PTR 0xc03025d4
+b request_cachep PTR 0xc03025d8
+b requestq_cachep PTR 0xc03025dc
+b iocontext_cachep PTR 0xc03025e0
+b kblockd_workqueue PTR 0xc03025e4
+b major_names PTR 0xc03025e8
+b bdev_map PTR 0xc03029e4
+b rd_disks PTR 0xc03029e8
+b rd_bdev PTR 0xc0302a28
+b rd_queue PTR 0xc0302a68
+b per_cpu__loopback_stats PTR 0xc0302aa8
+b version_printed.7 PTR 0xc0302b04
+B scsi_logging_level PTR 0xc0302b08
+b per_cpu__scsi_done_q PTR 0xc0302b0c
+b scsi_host_next_hn PTR 0xc0302b14
+b tur_command.2 PTR 0xc0302b18
+B blank_transport_template PTR 0xc0302b20
+b scsi_default_dev_flags PTR 0xc0302b9c
+b scsi_dev_flags PTR 0xc0302ba0
+b scsi_table_header PTR 0xc0302ca0
+b nousb PTR 0xc0302ca4
+b usb_generic_driver_data PTR 0xc0302ca8
+b old_scheme_first PTR 0xc0302cac
+b blinkenlights PTR 0xc0302cb0
+b khubd_pid PTR 0xc0302cb4
+b highspeed_hubs PTR 0xc0302cb8
+b busmap PTR 0xc0302cbc
+b usb_minors PTR 0xc0302cc4
+b usb_class PTR 0xc03030c4
+b usbfs_snoop PTR 0xc03030c8
+b usbdir PTR 0xc03030cc
+b ignore_mount PTR 0xc03030d0
+b usbfs_mount PTR 0xc03030d4
+b usbfs_mount_count PTR 0xc03030d8
+b devices_usbfs_dentry PTR 0xc03030dc
+b num_buses PTR 0xc03030e0
+b devuid PTR 0xc03030e4
+b busuid PTR 0xc03030e8
+b listuid PTR 0xc03030ec
+b devgid PTR 0xc03030f0
+b busgid PTR 0xc03030f4
+b listgid PTR 0xc03030f8
+b conndiscevcnt PTR 0xc03030fc
+b node_id PTR 0xc0303100
+B input_class PTR 0xc0303108
+b input_table PTR 0xc030310c
+b proc_bus_input_dir PTR 0xc030312c
+b input_devices_state PTR 0xc0303130
+b mousedev_table PTR 0xc0303134
+b mousedev_mix PTR 0xc03031b4
+b psaux_registered PTR 0xc0303268
+b per_cpu__sockets_in_use PTR 0xc0303280
+b br_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc0303284
+b warned.0 PTR 0xc0303288
+b net_families PTR 0xc030328c
+b sock_inode_cachep PTR 0xc030330c
+b sock_mnt PTR 0xc0303310
+b vlan_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc0303314
+b dlci_ioctl_hook PTR 0xc0303318
+b proto_list_lock PTR 0xc0303320
+b warned.1 PTR 0xc0303320
+b warncomm.2 PTR 0xc0303324
+b skbuff_head_cache PTR 0xc0303334
+b elist PTR 0xc0303338
+b est_lock PTR 0xc0303338
+B flow_cache_genid PTR 0xc03034a0
+b per_cpu__flow_flush_tasklets PTR 0xc03034a4
+b per_cpu__flow_hash_info PTR 0xc03034c0
+b per_cpu__flow_tables PTR 0xc03034e0
+b flow_hash_shift PTR 0xc03034e4
+b flow_cachep PTR 0xc03034e8
+b flow_lwm PTR 0xc03034ec
+b flow_hwm PTR 0xc03034f0
+b flow_hash_rnd_timer PTR 0xc03034f4
+B per_cpu__netdev_rx_stat PTR 0xc0303540
+B per_cpu__softnet_data PTR 0xc0303568
+B dev_base_lock PTR 0xc030380c
+B dev_base PTR 0xc0303810
+B netdev_nit PTR 0xc0303814
+b netstamp_needed PTR 0xc0303818
+b ifindex.0 PTR 0xc030381c
+b ptype_base PTR 0xc0303820
+b ptype_all PTR 0xc03038a0
+b dev_name_head PTR 0xc03038a8
+b dev_index_head PTR 0xc0303ca8
+b netdev_chain PTR 0xc03040a8
+b dev_boot_setup PTR 0xc03040ac
+b gifconf_list PTR 0xc03041ac
+b dst_garbage_list PTR 0xc030422c
+b dst_gc_timer_expires PTR 0xc0304230
+b neigh_tables PTR 0xc0304234
+b neigh_tbl_lock PTR 0xc0304234
+B rtnl PTR 0xc0304238
+B rtnetlink_links PTR 0xc030423c
+b rta_buf PTR 0xc03042bc
+b rtattr_max PTR 0xc03042c0
+b per_cpu__net_rand_state PTR 0xc03042c4
+b linkwatch_flags PTR 0xc03042d0
+b linkwatch_nextevent PTR 0xc03042d4
+b singleevent PTR 0xc03042d8
+B ether_table PTR 0xc03042e4
+B tr_table PTR 0xc0304310
+B qdisc_tree_lock PTR 0xc030433c
+b nl_table_users PTR 0xc0304340
+b nl_table PTR 0xc0304344
+b nl_table_lock PTR 0xc0304344
+b netlink_chain PTR 0xc0304348
+B rt_cache_stat PTR 0xc030434c
+b rover.5 PTR 0xc0304350
+b last_gc.2 PTR 0xc0304354
+b rover.3 PTR 0xc0304358
+b equilibrium.4 PTR 0xc030435c
+b ip_fallback_id.7 PTR 0xc0304360
+b ip_rt_max_size PTR 0xc0304364
+b rt_deadline PTR 0xc0304368
+b rt_flush_timer PTR 0xc030436c
+b rt_periodic_timer PTR 0xc03043a0
+b rt_secret_timer PTR 0xc03043d4
+b rt_hash_table PTR 0xc0304408
+b rt_hash_mask PTR 0xc030440c
+b rt_hash_log PTR 0xc0304410
+b rt_hash_rnd PTR 0xc0304414
+b flush_delay PTR 0xc0304418
+b peer_cachep PTR 0xc030441c
+b peer_pool_lock PTR 0xc030441c
+b peer_total PTR 0xc0304420
+b inet_peer_unused_head PTR 0xc0304424
+B inet_protos PTR 0xc0304428
+B ip_statistics PTR 0xc0304828
+B ip_frag_mem PTR 0xc0304830
+B ip_frag_nqueues PTR 0xc0304834
+b ipfrag_lock PTR 0xc0304838
+b ipq_hash PTR 0xc0304838
+b ipfrag_hash_rnd PTR 0xc0304938
+b ipfrag_secret_timer PTR 0xc030493c
+B sysctl_ip_dynaddr PTR 0xc0304970
+B ip_ra_lock PTR 0xc0304974
+B ip_ra_chain PTR 0xc0304978
+B tcp_orphan_count PTR 0xc030497c
+B tcp_bucket_cachep PTR 0xc0304980
+B tcp_timewait_cachep PTR 0xc0304984
+B sysctl_tcp_mem PTR 0xc0304988
+B tcp_memory_allocated PTR 0xc0304994
+B tcp_sockets_allocated PTR 0xc0304998
+B tcp_memory_pressure PTR 0xc030499c
+B tcp_openreq_cachep PTR 0xc03049a0
+B tcp_statistics PTR 0xc03049a4
+B sysctl_tcp_stdurg PTR 0xc03049ac
+B sysctl_tcp_rfc1337 PTR 0xc03049b0
+B sysctl_tcp_ecn PTR 0xc03049b4
+B sysctl_tcp_frto PTR 0xc03049b8
+B sysctl_tcp_westwood PTR 0xc03049bc
+B sysctl_tcp_vegas_cong_avoid PTR 0xc03049c0
+B sysctl_tcp_nometrics_save PTR 0xc03049c4
+B sysctl_tcp_orphan_retries PTR 0xc03049c8
+B sysctl_tcp_tw_reuse PTR 0xc03049cc
+B sysctl_tcp_low_latency PTR 0xc03049d0
+b hint.2 PTR 0xc03049d4
+b warntime.1 PTR 0xc03049d8
+b tcp_socket PTR 0xc03049dc
+b tcp4_seq_fops PTR 0xc03049e0
+B sysctl_tcp_syncookies PTR 0xc0304a4c
+B tcp_tw_count PTR 0xc0304a50
+B sysctl_tcp_tw_recycle PTR 0xc0304a54
+B sysctl_tcp_abort_on_overflow PTR 0xc0304a58
+b tcp_tw_death_row_slot PTR 0xc0304a5c
+b tcp_tw_death_row PTR 0xc0304a60
+b twkill_thread_slots PTR 0xc0304a80
+b tcp_twcal_jiffie PTR 0xc0304a84
+b tcp_twcal_row PTR 0xc0304a88
+B raw_v4_lock PTR 0xc0304b08
+B raw_v4_htable PTR 0xc0304b0c
+b complained.2 PTR 0xc0304f0c
+B udp_hash_lock PTR 0xc0304f10
+B udp_hash PTR 0xc0304f14
+B udp_port_rover PTR 0xc0305114
+B udp_statistics PTR 0xc0305118
+b udp4_seq_fops PTR 0xc0305120
+B icmp_statistics PTR 0xc030518c
+B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_all PTR 0xc0305194
+B sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts PTR 0xc0305198
+B sysctl_icmp_ignore_bogus_error_responses PTR 0xc030519c
+b per_cpu____icmp_socket PTR 0xc03051a0
+b inetaddr_chain PTR 0xc03051a4
+B net_statistics PTR 0xc03051a8
+B sysctl_ip_nonlocal_bind PTR 0xc03051b0
+b inetsw PTR 0xc03051b4
+B ipv4_config PTR 0xc030520c
+B fib_tables PTR 0xc0305218
+b fib_info_hash PTR 0xc0305618
+b fib_info_lock PTR 0xc0305618
+b fib_info_laddrhash PTR 0xc030561c
+b fib_hash_size PTR 0xc0305620
+b fib_info_cnt PTR 0xc0305624
+b fib_info_devhash PTR 0xc0305628
+b fib_hash_lock PTR 0xc0305a28
+b fn_hash_kmem PTR 0xc0305a28
+b fn_alias_kmem PTR 0xc0305a2c
+b fib_hash_genid PTR 0xc0305a30
+b fib_rules_lock PTR 0xc0305a34
+b syncookie_secret PTR 0xc0305a34
+b clntid.4 PTR 0xc0305ac4
+b rpc_task_id PTR 0xc0305ac8
+b rpc_task_slabp PTR 0xc0305acc
+b rpc_buffer_slabp PTR 0xc0305ad0
+b rpc_task_mempool PTR 0xc0305ad4
+b rpc_buffer_mempool PTR 0xc0305ad8
+b rpciod_users PTR 0xc0305adc
+b rpciod_workqueue PTR 0xc0305ae0
+b auth_domain_table PTR 0xc0305ae4
+b ip_table PTR 0xc0305be4
+b pmap_stats PTR 0xc0305fe4
+b empty_iov PTR 0xc030600c
+b current_detail PTR 0xc0306014
+b current_index PTR 0xc0306018
+b cache_defer_hash PTR 0xc030601c
+b cache_defer_cnt PTR 0xc030701c
+b write_buf PTR 0xc0307020
+b rpc_mount PTR 0xc0309020
+b rpc_mount_count PTR 0xc0309024
+b rpc_inode_cachep PTR 0xc0309028
+B proc_net_rpc PTR 0xc030902c
+B rpc_debug PTR 0xc0309030
+B nfs_debug PTR 0xc0309034
+B nfsd_debug PTR 0xc0309038
+B nlm_debug PTR 0xc030903c
+b sunrpc_table_header PTR 0xc0309040
+b gss_ctx_lock PTR 0xc0309044
+b ratelimit.1 PTR 0xc0309044
+b rsi_table PTR 0xc0309048
+b rsc_table PTR 0xc0309148
+B _end PTR 0xc030a148
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