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    SubjectRe: kernel (64bit) 4GB memory support
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    Lennart Sorensen wrote:
    > On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 02:48:42AM +0700, Rudolf Usselmann wrote:
    >>I do see the full 4G. With Fedora Core 2 32bit, I can use all
    >>4G as well. All my problems started when I "upgraded" to x86_64 ...
    > In 32bit it probably uses the PSE36 extensions or something, which isn't
    > the same thing as flat 64bit memory access. It could just be a matter
    > of needing a memory hole somewhere for PCI space or something. I only
    > have 1G in my 64bit machine so I haven't got near these problems.

    I don't recall him saying he's changed kernel from the default redhat
    kernel in which case he's running the RedHat 4G/4G split kernel and not
    using PSE/PAE.

    // Stefan
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