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Subjectdosemu crashes under 2.6.12-rc4
"dosemu" does not work under kernel 2.6.12-rc4(but works under
Next lines are stdout of crashed dosemu process:

Linux DOS emulator $Date: 2004/03/06$
Last configured at Thu Jun 24 01:04:04 UTC 2004 on linux
This is work in progress.
Please test against a recent version before reporting bugs and problems.
Submit Bug Reports, Patches & New Code to or via
the SourceForge tracking system at
09 2002 21:55:55]
Kernel compatibility 7.10 - WATCOMC - FAT32 support

(C) Copyright 1995-2002 Pasquale J. Villani and The FreeDOS Project.
All Rights Reserved. This is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
WARRANTY; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.
C: HD1 Pri:1 CHS= 0-1-1 start = 0MB,size = 392
Kernel: allocated 41 Diskbuffers = 21812 Bytes in HMA
[dosemu EMS 4.0 driver installed]
ERROR: cpu exception in dosemu code outside of VM86()!
trapno: 0x0e errorcode: 0x00000005 cr2: 0xffffff8e
eip: 0x000069ee esp: 0xbfedffcc eflags: 0x00010246
cs: 0x0073 ds: 0x007b es: 0x007b ss: 0x007b
Page fault: read instruction to linear address: 0xffffff8e
CPU was in user mode
Exception was caused by insufficient privilege
ERROR: leavedos() called from within a signal context!

Alexander Galanin aka gaa
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