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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mtime attribute is not being updated on client
On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 16:54, Linda Dunaphant wrote:

>Do you think it would be better for nfs_refresh_inode() to check the mtime,
>perform the mtime update if needed, and not set the NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR
>flag if the data_unstable flag is set? This is how nfs_update_inode()
>handles its mtime check.

Hi again Trond,

I updated my first patch to nfs_refresh_inode() to be similar to the way
nfs_update_inode() does the check and update of the mtime. nfs_refresh_inode()
now checks to see if the mtime changed, and if so, it does the update of
the mtime. It only sets NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR if data_unstable is not set.

I temporarily added some printk's to selected functions to monitor some of
the functions called after the data write to the server occurs. With this
latest patch, the sequence that I see with the test program is now the
same as it was originally without any patch - except the mtime is has been
xdr_decode_fattr <--- new mtime from server
nfs_refresh_inode <--- updates mtime in inode

With the first patch I proposed this sequence was:
xdr_decode_fattr <--- new mtime from server
nfs_refresh_inode <--- NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR set
nfs_update_inode <--- updates mtime in inode

Thank you for pointing out that there may be other consequences if the
NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR is always set by nfs_refresh_inode() when the mtime
values are different. I believe this second patch fixes the original
problem without affecting any other behaviour.


diff -ura base/fs/nfs/inode.c new/fs/nfs/inode.c
--- base/fs/nfs/inode.c 2005-04-07 16:04:40.000000000 -0400
+++ new/fs/nfs/inode.c 2005-04-08 19:23:44.151698674 -0400
@@ -1176,9 +1176,17 @@

/* Verify a few of the more important attributes */
+ if (!timespec_equal(&inode->i_mtime, &fattr->mtime)) {
+ memcpy(&inode->i_mtime, &fattr->mtime, sizeof(inode->i_mtime));
+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "NFS: mtime change on %s/%ld\n", inode->i_sb->s_id, inode->i_ino);
+ if (!data_unstable)
+ nfsi->flags |= NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR;
+ }
if (!data_unstable) {
- if (!timespec_equal(&inode->i_mtime, &fattr->mtime)
- || cur_size != new_isize)
+ if (cur_size != new_isize)
nfsi->flags |= NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR;
} else if (S_ISREG(inode->i_mode) && new_isize > cur_size)
nfsi->flags |= NFS_INO_INVALID_ATTR;

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