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SubjectRe: init process freezed after run_init_process
> Thanks for kindly reply, :)
> No. I got the same problem without linuxrc.
> As I mount ram0 as root, linuxrc is not necessary. Right?

Apply these rules:
1.) If you do provide an initrd= thing, the initrd is being looked for
2.) If the root is the same as the ramdisk, then the initrd is _not_ run
_implicitly_, and thus /sbin/init is executed, _instead of_ /linuxrc.

> I missed some driver for VIA platform? Why it can work without initrd?

Only VIA IDE chipset maybe, but you don't usually need that for just-initrd.
You'd need that for the harddisks...

> After the starting process, the /sbin/init is loaded: I found that in
> a breakpoint of do_schedule. It keeps scheduling init and pdflush.
> I am still finding the way to debug the init process...

Make your own initrd and put a bash into it. Then start that, e.g. (for our
linux live cd), initrd=initrd.sqfs root=/dev/ram0 init=/bin/bash

Jan Engelhardt
No TOFU for me, please.
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