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SubjectRe: [RFC/Patch 2.6.11] Take control of PCI Master Abort Mode
On 05.04.2005, at 21:33, Ross Biro wrote:

> The problem with always setting the bit is that some PCI hardware,
> notably some Intel E-1000 chips (Ethernet controller: Intel
> Corporation: Unknown device 1076) cannot properly handle the target
> abort bit. In the case of the E-1000 chip, the driver must reset the
> chip to recover. This usually leads to the machine being off the
> network for several seconds, or sometimes even minutes, which can be
> bad for servers.

This sounds *exactly* like my problem since I swapped
motherboards. I'll see whether there's some option in
the BIOS that fixes it and if not bite the bullet and
compile a generic kernel....

Thanks a lot for investigating this.

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